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Originally posted by McDeuce
Lots of good info! Thanks Turbo.

I'm going to be painting my '32 roadster this summer and plan to make a paint booth much like the one in your gallery. However, I live in a neighborhood, and am concerned about blowing my leftover paint onto my neighbor's cars.

What about waiting a minute or two to let the wet stuff settle before turning on the fan?

Or, should I just offer to cover their cars with plastic temporarily?

Or, is it not a problem at all?
I would suggest building a box around you exhaust fan enclosed by air conditioner filters. This will pull all the solids out that are of any size. It can definately be a problem depending on how close they are. You will have to run the fan all the time, or you will not be able to see anything and the booth will fill with overspray. You want a large fan to keep this from happening. If it is too small, you will still have problems.

Originally posted by Dubz
I'm also looking to paint my car in my garage and this info is great stuff.

I also did the custom cowl like you did s10, yours looks quite a peice better than mine at the moment though...

what was difficult about the Enamel?? as i was looking to do a single stage

what kind of fresh air system did you use for your lungs?

if you have an extraction fan you can always run some 12" or larger ducting type stuff to run the extracted air out of your neighbours way.

Also what did you use for a filter?

That damned hood is still not that great. I wish I had spent the money. Even though I braced it well to keep it from pulling in at the back, it still did about 1/4 inch which makes for an ugly gap. It will be replaced one day.

Enamel is not forgiving at all. If it is too dry it looks like crap, and too wet you will run it all over the place. It is also not possible to sand with good results using metallics. With BC/CC the base goes on dry like primer so you dont have to worry about runs. The clear goes on similiar to the enamel, but if you run it you can just sand it out and buff to a shine. For part time garage painters this is very important. If you dont do it every day, you dont have the "touch".

I used a charcoal activated filter mask which is supposed to be good for Urethanes. It is very important to replace the filters on the correct schedule. Isocynates in urethane can kill you. If you have access to fresh air hood, use it.


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