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Originally Posted by oldred
428- Believe me I know what you are talking about and these guys who think they are superman had better listen now as they may not be able to "listen" to ANYTHING a lot sooner than they think. Guys just try and imagine a terrible ringing in your ears that you will take to your grave. If you hear even a slight ringing or a sound sort of like crickets now when you are in in a quite room then you are already well on your way. You may think my description is funny right now but when you start to hear these sounds over top of everyday noise and find that you have trouble understanding what people are saying to you it will become VERY serious to you but you wont be able to do a damn thing to cure it. THE TIME IS NOW! A loud stereo may seem "cool" to you but I guarantee a hearing aid wont!
Just as oldschoolrods said, thank you. I don't have a boom-boom bling-bling system in my car, just a factory cd player... but when I took classes in auto body we didn't use earplugs, that noise drove me seriously nuts. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWW!!!!!!!!!! the grinding was like... most of the other guys didn't use gloves, I didn't want to kill my hand so I used gloves, but, dang it, they needed face shields too. I think the only thing where they were really as safe as possible was regarding paint.

In the autobody class, I had a habit of also wearing a face mask; the kind that look like a white bowl that covers the nose/mouth whenever I was out in the shop area to keep bondo dust out of my system , and I was teased that "the mask kept me from sucking their (I cannot fininsh this but you guys get the point)" . Oddly enough I had a girlfriend at the time . I showed them pics and they were like "oh man that's your sister".

When I went to the teachers about it, they'd just talk to the offending peoples, and do nothing about it. After a semester of encountering these people every day, I ended up getting into a fight with one of those jerks who shot me "accidentally" with a power washer. They transferred me to accounting.

A couple of guys in that class were pretty cool though.
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