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Garage Workshop

I have a detached, two car garage that is as wide as two single garage doors (about 18 feet) and about 12 feet deep.

My FS truck is too long, so one bay is always empty - the wife's car is in the other.

Currently have a small workshop in the basement in a corner.

Anyhow, wife and I decided that using half the garage as a workshop (that can be extended to the whole garage temporarily) is a good option. So, I have the go-ahead, as long as I don't get too extravagent.

Garage is currently bare studs.

I live in the city, so other than spraycans or brushes, I won't be doing any painting. I have a small compressor that is capable of running a touch-up gun and maybe some air tools.

Beyond mechanical stuff, I also have to do some light woodworking for home remodelling. Sometimes I just need a bunch of flat space for laying something out, stripping paint, or assembly.

What I'm planning is drywalling at least half the garage, and putting electrical quads above and below workbench height every few feet with some good lighting.

What I need, though, is to make the area as flexible as possible and, ideally, be able to fold or roll things out of the way or over to the other bay temporarily. I can't rule out the possibility of another car in the garage before we sell this place and get some more space. Wife's car is an old Altima, so there's about three feet of usable space in front of her car at all times too.

Also, I have some concern about the possibility of theft of my tools and there are two small windows on the side of the bay that will have my workshop.

Have a good-size bench grinder, table saw, router, power miter saw, drill press, vice, gasless mig and some hand tools. I'd like to get some gas torches in the near future.

So, I'm looking for ideas for benches, cabinets, etc that fold up or down, roll around, etc that can be modular and flexible and, ideally, locked down or locked up.

I've done some web searching, and have some ideas, but was hoping to benefit from the experience of some of the creative people here.

I do all my own mechanical work - usually in the driveway. It will sure be nice to have all my tools and some workspace a few steps away from whatever project I'm working on.

I'm reasonably confident I can build just about anything I need out of wood. I'd like to avoid major welding as right now, as I could use more practice.

Potentially, I could build some cabinets or workspaces that would roll right out of the garage and next to the car.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

One thing I thought of was making a worktable that had a removable section in it and then mounting occassional-use items (bench grinder, drill press, hydraulic press, vice, etc.) to standard size panels that I could slide in and fasten down. Two benches like that and I could run any two items, or put the regular panel back in for workspace.

That would also allow building something like a tray lined with linoeum, with edges for keeping small parts from rolling away, or a metal-lined tray with a drain for working on leaking stuff that could be swapped in or out.

Similarly, I thought about a roll-out table that I could swap in the table saw, router table, or power miter saw. Trying to get maximum flexibility.

With the panel mounting idea, I could build a sturdy cabinet and lock up all the power tools on shelves with a pretty small footprint.
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