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silentpoet 07-27-2006 04:45 PM

garageless wrenching
Ok, this seems about the best place for this question. How do you cope without a garage? I don't have one, but I am borrowing space in mom's basement(80 miles away). What do you guys do if you live in an apartment or say a mobile home with just a driveway? Any tips or helpful plans.

OneMoreTime 07-27-2006 05:15 PM

Hard to do anything major in the a shop space somewhere near and Lowes and Home Depot have thos metal carports which are not too spendy..


66ImpSS396 07-27-2006 05:20 PM

at the apartment I lived in they didn't fuss to much if you were out back and didn't make a mess. But work was limited by the intensity you could change oil or tune up but not rebuild the engine. Now I'm a house the 66 stays in the garage and I just hope its not to hot or raining when I have to work on the other cars. Have also rented garage space, but I haven't seen a place that you could rent in a while.


weirdbeard 07-27-2006 05:52 PM

Man I am in the same pickle! I cant even get a lil cheap shed or tent cuz we gat the hurricanes around here. I am going to buy a small crappy house and erect a giant metal building in the back yard. I will live in there with my tools and my camaro! :sweat: :drunk:

BBCMudbogger 08-01-2006 03:01 PM

rent a mini-storage unit for a prolonged project

Bryan59EC 08-01-2006 03:04 PM


I saw a pic of that 66--I'm surprised you don't sleep with it--
That is one elegant looking car :thumbup:


58Chev 08-01-2006 09:08 PM

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Three years ago I was the talk of the neighbourhood for three weeks. That's how long my Jeep was on jackstands in my driveway as I put my lift in.
Drove some of the neighbours nuts.

Now I have a small to me 23'x15' garage, that my 58 resides in.

strummin67 08-01-2006 11:03 PM

I own a mobile home with a carport so I know how you feel. If you're planning on doing work that will leave the car inoporable for some time look into renting an enclosed space like a Public Storage unit. Somewhere you can work without looking over your shoulder and can lock it all up when your finished for the day. In the meantime, make friends with your neighbors. That way they'll come to you first before turning you in. :thumbup:


powerrodsmike 08-01-2006 11:56 PM

This is not advertising anything, it is a suggestion for a solution.

Here is the lead in:

I have a shop.

Because I have friends with the same plight as some of you I have at times, rented space to them to work on their cars.

I had one guy do a frame off on his 59 elco, (Happy Tony's car, it's too bad that he piled it up soon after.), another did all the heavy welding and fabrication on his rat rod 29 roadster pu (this one is safe, believe me), and another friend did some general auto repair for folks using my lift and stuff for a while when he was between jobs.

my buddy tyrone used the shop to build his volkswagon powered mini dump truck and make several church steeples. (someone has to make them)

I charged them 300.00 (prorated if necessary)per month and asked that they also replace all consumables like gas, welding wire grinding discs, Toilet paper etc. I gave them all keys. some still have them. I was happy to help them get their projects on the road and they are all right there when I call them to help me. Not one of them ever complained about the money.

I do, of course, also require my tenant to feed me and they had to bring their wives/girlfriends by every so often for an inspection by me. :evil: (you guys have no idea the stuff I get away with asking for. I'm gonna get some pictures soon :evil: )
Eddie's wife Christine still brings me cookies and a dog biscuit for smiley shopdog.

Yes I trusted them, and I never got burned. My faith in my friends is great, and I was not disappointed. i did know them for some time beforehand, and knew of their character. I also turned down several guys who I did not trust/like (I only appear to be naive)

I did tell each and every one that if they got hurt in my shop that I was going to drag them out to the street and disavow any knowledge of their existence should I get questioned.

Nothing ever happened, (well... except for the first annual powerrods gas fueled human bar-B-que, but we won't talk about that. No lawsuits were ever filed. )

Sharing the shop was done at several other places that I worked and I rented space from my friends at times also. I built the second motor for my mustang in a friends gas station.

I know of several other shop owners that will do this also. Because they are nice guys. I can't believe that there are not folks like that everywhere.

That's my story.

Here is something for you to try. You must be trusting as well as trustworthy for this to work.

If you have any friends that have space, at home or their business, ask them if you can rent a corner in the shop. Ask where you work also, Make sure that you offer to pay rent, fix anything that breaks, keep your pen clean, not interfere with the workings of the business, help with utilities etc.
You never know, they might go for it. What is the worst that could happen, you get turned down?

Just another off the wall suggestion that no one will read from Mikey.


aminga 08-02-2006 07:51 AM

An Option for some (probably very few) that work on military bases. The Military provides shop space to their personel through the Moral, Welfare and Recreation Program. IF (and I realize this is a big IF) you have access to a base through the Military personel office (You would have to work on base) some have auto shop facilities that you can use.

rj57 08-02-2006 06:05 PM

I only had my parents driveway to work in for years.

Once I laid in the snow changing an engine. I did it with strep throat. (don't think that wasn't fun) :(

Since I own multipule cars I was also the counties favorite person. I got threatening letters from them several times. This all started from some #$%^%&* woman who didn't even live near me. She happen to drive past a few times.

When my cars started becoming worth more my parents decided maybe it would be a good idea to get them inside a building? So they helped me finance a 38x28x20 barn.


........ and they had to bring their wives/girlfriends by every so often for an inspection by me. (you guys have no idea the stuff I get away with asking for. I'm gonna get some pictures soon )

How do I get a deal like this?

silentpoet 08-08-2006 01:03 PM

looks like I'll be without a garage for at least another six months. I am going to sign another six month lease for an apartment. I may check the storage units around here and ask some guys at church. One of the guys in my class is a body shop guy and another is into old cars. so maybe I can find a lead. But hopefully I can get the tranny in the caddy and do all the major stuff before mom kicks me out of the basement.

Rob Keller 08-15-2006 10:17 AM

run it till it pukes

then fix it where it lies

expect the worst weather conditions

expect the neighbors to complain

happens everytime :rolleyes:

R :thumbup:

Jake_Dragon 08-15-2006 10:46 AM

I changed out 3 transmissions on a rock drive way. You have to do what you have to do.
I now have a carport so its a little better but I still only have 2 walls. I have thought about putting up 2 more walls but I don't think there is enough space to do the kind of work I want to do in a one car garage so I leave it like it is.
I put the small block 350 in my Fiero on my carport.
I also have a canvas garage that is about the same size as the car port for my parts car. It keeps me out of trouble. Out of sight out of mind.

Mustangsaly 08-18-2006 07:05 PM

[QUOTE=rj57]I only had my parents driveway to work in for years.

Once I laid in the snow changing an engine. I did it with strep throat. (don't think that wasn't fun) :( QUOTE]

*this is No BS*
when I was 16 my cousin & I pulled a 283 out of a 63 impala 2dr under a tree in the gravel driveway. (we bought the 63 with 3 yr old paint job for $150 but we had to pull motor & tranny for the guy we bought it from and deliver back to him, nice 63) then we pushed the 63 outa the way, and pulled a 402 BBC and the 400th tranny out of my cousins sisters wrecked 70 monte carlo, and put the 402 400th out of the monte in the 63 impala. all with snow on the ground. we lived on the very edge of town, my uncle practically had a junk yard (always 10 to 15 cars & P/Us) there was a old dirt floor garage with no door, to small to work in, (plus we needed the tree for the chain hoist) the old dirt floor garage had a wood floor 12x14 shop built on to the old garage, drop cords feed the lights and gave us power in the shed. I pulled the motor outa my 67 GTO under that tree 2Xs and my uncle tore down and built the motor for my goat in the shed, it was spring & early fall for the GTO. on the 1st motor after we started it and broke in the cam and tuned it we had a rain storm, so I did bolt the cherry bombs on the headers in the driveway in a major rain storm.

I guess when I was 19 my uncle and I pulled a 390 & C6 out of my 69 Ford F100 p/u under that tree, and tore it down & rebuilt it in the shed, I paid a guy to build C6. he had power to the shed then for a borrowed welder, cause we pulled the box and narrowed the back hafe and put a ladder bar setup on with a 31 spline ford 9" rearend. he was a old school hot rodder that I truly miss..........

trees still there and my aunts still alive and lives there, the old garage & shed fell down a few yrs back, ooh and he build a 40x50 heated shop with two 9' x 12' over head doors in 1989 and he died in fall of 2000, with a 58 chevy p/u tore apart ready to go back together.


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