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Doc here,

About the "Tailor Made Advertising" ....That is funny.. (weird, not ha ha funny..)

MSNBC just did an Hour Show on the "Tailor Made Infomercial." and Fraudulent claims on "Bad" Products sold to the public by ad exec's that would Tailor them to the edge of "Puffery" and fraud..

MSNBC , got some dissoluble capsules, and a box of Nestle's quick and filled the capsules with the Nestle's quick..Then had the whole thing blister packaged with a wiz~Bang looking package It looked like a Professional Medical product. They even went to the trouble of putting the ingredients transposed from the Cocoa can on the package..

The Product was supposed to re~Hydrate the oils in your skin, and remove age wrinkles, and give the skin "That 20' ish Glow" from the inside out..

Then they approached a series of Infomercial Exec's To push a commercial so many times a day on Television..When asked, told them :"No actual Medical Testing has Ever Been Done for this product.." But was registered with the FDA..(and gave them the Nestle's registration number) The Exec's response to that was: "No Problem..There are ways AROUND that" ...

They paid (IIRC) a retainer to one of about $2000 Dollars to get the ball rolling with no more information than that..and called MSNBC back about 2 weeks later to view the several "Takes" and infomercial that they had close the deal..The air personalities consisted of about 6 female actors..AND a board Certified Doctor...

The Doctor Claimed , I've been using this product for years..and have referred it to all my patients for years..(A product that didn't exist a month before..)

The actress's claimed " It has helped keep my "Girlish skin for years.." and I will continue to use the product for life..

MSNBC then , went and found all the actress's and the doctor and sat them down and interviewed them..Starting with the doctor..When told the product was a fake..was nothing more than quick in a capsule..Claimed Everything she said in the infomercial was true..and they couldn't say different..then they played back the infomercial..She declined further interesting point , prior to the "Falling out" she had stated she received SEVERAL thousand dollars for testimony and that was a percentage of the total package when sold to the advertiser (MSNBC)...(What ever happened to "Do no Harm?")

Then they interviewed the actress's and they were more up front about the whole thing..said right out, they never used the stuff (most of them anyway) and had no idea what it was..AND follow a very strict "Wording" from a TelePrompter..and admitted they were paid only $50 for their work..When asked Why? All said .. For Exposure to legit ad agency's..

A few held out and said , Sure I tried the stuff a couple of times in the on and so forth and were told what was in it..AND the stuff wasn't even around a month ago..they conceded the point..

Interesting enough..MSNBC also got a hold of the outtakes (or bloopers) while they were producing the commercial..AND played them and ALL actress's were reluctant to say what they were told to say in those outtakes..which is when they went to TelePrompter (NO ad~libing..)

I had the same misgivings about the "Ads" on these hot rod shows since the Fad started ..Them pushing a product that I had used in the past..and had trouble with..that would do everything from improve your mileage to double your horsepower to polish the fenders..all in one..

Until time caught up with them..and here is a product I just tossed in the dumpster that would do nothing it said it would and I knew was crap..Yet their pushing it in prime time..and it does EVEN more! uhhh ~ Huhhh...

I see hot roding going this way if WE don't get a "Brake Job" and very soon..One way to do this is to Publicly "Call" them on the crap products every-time they promote one..either through a high traffic Buyer's website..or Complaints directly to the show producers..and the Key point being , If I can't trust the products you push, I can't trust the information from the show, Why Not watch The cartoon Channel instead.."

Whose reality is it anyway?