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WOW! What a great accomplishment you have made!
You know, destroying what this guy has worked hard for his entire life!
I mean, from what started as a joke.... and clearly it was a JOKE.. you have single handily run this guy into the ground! Give yourself a BIG pat on the back for that one!

Regarding Rawlings -- he has had a successful career as an advertising executive, followed by a successful career as the owner of a large and famous hot rod shop. Now, he wants a third successful career, as the self-styled "Anti-Christ of the Hot Rod World".
I tell ya it takes HARD WORK to become that successful in life.. and by hard work I don't mean farting around on the computer in your mother's basement day and night trying to perfect a hotrodding website.. and trying to make everyone think that you aren't making any money out of the deal.

Why don't you un-*** that chair, take a step outside and let the sun hit you in the face for once in your life time?
Go buy a ratty piece of crap for $500, tear it down and rebuild it? Be a MAN for once in your lifetime!

Just remember, what comes around goes around.. you'll get yours