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I like it. Take Joe Wannabe and set him in front of a dented plumber's truck or whatever. Have him fix the dent with someone to show him what to do. Start with hammers and dollies, move up to shrinking hammers and what not.
I've gotten where I hate these shows of guys who already know everything and all they're basically doing is a video version of some manufacturer's kit installation instructions. I want to see folks who want to know how to fix and modify things being shown at least how to get started or accomplish something reasonably simple.
You can buy reasonably priced welders at lots of places. I see posts pretty regularly on different forums by people who would like to weld things but don't have a clue where to start. Stick a couple of Joe Cluelesses, welders, and weldor on a project.
Instead of a project car popping into super car painter's booth and popping back out all pretty, stick some folks in there who've never held a paint gun. Give them the broadside of a barn to practice on, or whatever.
What such stuff wouldn't teach it might at least inspire. Many folks would like to try working on cars but are intimidated. Might help if they can say "Hey, that complete idiot managed to do a pretty good job and he never touched a DA sander before (or whatever). If he can do it..."
And show us the screwups. Human beings screw up. Most of us learn from such screwups. It's always nicer to learn from someone else's.
Somebody's got to pay for these shows. How about Sear's, Eastwood, Harbor Freight, places like that. A bunch of them. No heavy promotion needed just little reminders that the tools you saw on this show can be purchased there. "I always wondered how to use a shrinking hammer, now I know. Pretty neat, wonder where can I get one?"
Think it would work?