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camaro guy 04-05-2007 08:38 PM

gas smell hard start
I have a problem with an 1989 chevy astro van. I replaced the 4.3 with a rebuilt 350 its got headers fuull dual exaust with some cheepo turbo muffs a edelbrock performer intake edelbrock 550 carb everything else is stock I can smell gas when it is shut off after driving it and yes the charchol? filter is hooked up. it also starts like it's flooded Ihave to hold the gas pedal at least halfway down to restart after driving. when it,s running it runs great lots of power even with stock spec cam. One thing idid not remove the stock fuel injection fuel pump in tank tbi ijust disconnected the wire for it could this be the problem? it has ran like this for over two years. even with the stock v-6 trans that everyone said wouldn't work why the he$# does it start like that? ive check float level. the plugs look great i don't getit any help would be great thanks

sharkmonkey 04-06-2007 05:28 AM

Are the gaskets in the carb good? Can you see or feel gas leaking anywhere around the carb? How's your air filter? Maybe the A/F ratio is set too rich.

As far as hard starts, your timing may be set too retarded or you have a vacuum leak (or both). Could be a choke issue too. Do you have an electric, manual or divorced choke?

I'm just throwing things out that have bit me in the past.

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