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jdssimpala 04-08-2013 02:13 PM

GM 700r4 transmission
I'm contemplating rebuilding my 700r4 trans. Right now it lost reverse with a grinding noise before it went out. I don't know if all it needs is a rebuild kit or will I need to replace any gears or shafts. It will drive in forward at a sluggish pace and it seems to shift okay considering losing reverse. This will be my first attempt at rebuilding a transmission. I'm mechanically savy and have done everything to a car except rebuild an automatic transmission. I would prefer to rebuild one that is just worn out because of miles, not sure what I'm getting into since the grinding loss of reverse. By the way it's a 4WD to boot. Any thoughts as to how much trouble I can get into doing this myself because of a "broken" reverse.


dogwater 04-09-2013 05:24 AM

Research then research a little more, buy some books, I bought 2, they helped a lot. Some things you need are an air compressor, mig welder (to make some tools), 2 or 3 kinds of snap ring pliers,the longer the better,a flat blade screw driver with the tip end of the blade bended 90 deg., dial caliper, shop press, if you don't have one you can do like I did with big washers & 1/2 bolts but a shop press is much faster, you need to make a stand to put the trans on, I made one from 2 x4's sorta like a beefed up saw horse, most important is don't be in a hurry, it took me a month. Yes their several kits you can get, try I got mine kit from them., It needs to be rebuilt from end to end, and its not as hard as you think but you must pay attention.

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