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oldcarguy85 02-08-2002 05:24 PM

gm residual valve

I have a 1988 gmc jimmy that i am customizing, and right nwo there is a leak in the brake system in the (as far as i can tell) residual valve.

this is basically what my combination valve looks like u will see that the residual valve is towards teh end there. it has a breather or osm,ething in it that u can see in this drawing <a href="][/URL]
that breather or whatever is wehre it is leaking from. So really my question is, is ther some way to repair this? If not, is it possible to jsut replace that residual vavle and not have to replace the entire proportioning valve/ combination valve (or whatever)

Thanks a lot,

p.s.-sorry for the bad terminology

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Phat 02-09-2002 02:30 AM

Nope sorry to say you have to bite the bullet and replace it. Try the local dealer also.Sometimes with shipping ,messin around its better to buy that part from a dealer.Its your nut if you get a bad one and have to ship it back.Dont pull it of till you have the new one in hand.Also start soakin the brake lines with PB blaster or? now so you dont break any lines they are a real bear around the proportioning valve if you bust one.I think its metric also ,so.....beware.

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