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hafjag 09-18-2011 10:21 PM

GM type 2 pwr strng pump- suction fitting?
I am in the process of installing a hydro boost brake system in my 350 chev powered (turbocharged) 68 XKE Jag coupe (no power steering). I started with the 86 Cavalier pump (attached reservoir) but there wasn't enough room for the reservoir, so I'm going with a remote reservoir setup.
Now here's my problem-I'm trying to figure a way to connect the suction hose to the pump. the attached reservoir has an o-ringed projection that enters the pump. When I remove the reservoir, there's nothing to connect the suction line to.
Any suggestions?
Remote reservoir versions of this pump are identical to the attached reservoir versions, except that they have a suction hose connection. I've checked the internet, and cant find any info regarding any type of fitting that I might use to connect the low pressure suction line to my pump.
I may have to purchase a similar hose connection equipped pump, unless I can figure a way to connect the suction line to my pump.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your help.
PS-this is my first real post, so hello all!

enjenjo 09-19-2011 09:13 AM

In this type of situation, I have turned a custom fitting on the lathe that duplicates the end on the reservoir, that will accept a hose on the other end. You would then have to figure out how to hold it in place.

hafjag 09-24-2011 08:38 PM

Press fit suction tube- GM type 2 pumps
It turns out the suction tube is a press fit in the bottom of the pump suction opening.
Good news- A suction tube is available from your Chevy dealer- its for a "late model Corvette", part # 26006074. I called the local Chevy dealer, and it's available. Bad news- it lists for $42. That's more than I paid for the pump! they wanted $34. Too rich for my blood. I used a brass 3/8" npt X 5/8" hose barb ($3.05 at Lowes). Half inch hard copper tubing fits into the back of the hose barb- I soldered it in- and the 3/4" projection I left pressed into the pump suction opening very firmly. I had to grind the 3/8npt threads down to fit into the top part of the pump opening. I used PC7 to lock the brass fitting into the pump. ( I'm not planning on taking it apart)
There you have it. Good to go. Total cost $3.22, with tax.

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