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Old 09-02-2005, 12:54 PM
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GM, Wake up !

Dear General Motors:

I have thought long and hard on this letter that I am sure will fall on deaf ears. You see, in my estimation, that is one thing that Gm does not do well, listen. They don’t listen to their customers and they don’t, evidently listen to their dealers.
I was prompted to go ahead and write this letter because this week, once again I was in a GM rental car, this time a beautiful bright red Monte Carlo that I was somewhat impressed with …. Until I was “smoked” by a Honda Accord. No Guts in the go-fast department. Listed below are some of my completely unsolicited reports and thought on GM’s non-listening:

Gm, please remember that when I refer to “You Promised” what I am referring to was things that were reported in the trade and enthusiast magazines on the direction GM was taking. I understand they don’t always have good information.

Monte Carlo: I will start with this because it is fresh on my mind. Great car, wins a lot of races out there in the real world. Do you honestly believe people won’t notice the difference between what Little E is driving and what you want them to buy? Give it at least a little muscle. You came up with a decent supercharged motor for the Impala, dump it in the MC. Or better yet, everyone wants rear drive, give it to them. I know you remember how, the GTO proved that. (More about that later) A shame. Best looking new sedan on the road, the least guts.

SSR: You teased us for years. You promised us a sporty mid size retro truck that would act somewhat like a truck, and still run great. For a price Joe average could afford. What you delivered and we got was a “gee I want a Corvette” pretty that although it will run, it has yet to have the first short block carried in the tail end, and just in case you are wondering why you can’t sell them, look at the $45,000.00 price tag. Seeing as you made this a non functional, “second vehicle” kind of rig, only the elite ritzy can afford them. And for 5 grand more, they can have a Vette. Looks very retro, though. Of course Chrysler does retro great (PT) for 20G. Then when Chrysler’s customers complained PT wouldn’t run good, they threw in a Turbo. For 25K, it gets it. Chrysler gets it. Why can’t you?

Silverado SS: I think the only two things you did right here were 1) use a Chevy truck, and 2) the graphics package. Nice and understated, not “in your face” I can only assume you were after some of the Ford Lightning business when you did this. I say assume because this thing is so much different, no one can tell. Let’s run it down: Ford Lightning; agile, cool, light on it’s feet, faster than stink, and oh yeah, cheap, lets don’t forget cheap. Silverado SS: big, heavy, underpowered (compared to Ford or Chrysler), 4WHEEL Drive (what the hell is that about????) EXPENSIVE! My god, guys, is 45K all you know? Try this: Regular cab, short wheelbase (option the extended cab) with leather, lowered 2” overall, 6 liter motor with Magnacharger, real dual exhaust, 18” wheels and sticky tires. Bose stereo system and CD Changer (more on this later). Don’t want to Magnacharger? Give us some 8.2 muscle. And if you really want to have a problem making enough to satisfy everyone, put real American Racing SST wheels on them from the factory. I will remind you of what happened when Ford made a “Harley” truck. Dodge has the power but not the looks. Only Chevy has that, now. Oh yeah, sell it for just what it’s worth, not what you can get. (I’m thinking about 32K).
The something else about the radio equipment: the last three trucks I bought from GM all came with single play CD’s and Cassette players, with no option of a CD changer. I remember cassettes, weren’t they a small upgrade from an 8-track? WAKE UP GM !! PEOPLE WANT PREMIUM RADIOS WITH CD CHANGERS !!!! and not just on high end cars.

GTO: I’ll keep this simple: Take a Holden, put it on a boat, and double the price. Please, get rid of it, use the money you save to change the Grand Prix to RWD. Give it the same drive train that I suggested for the Monte Carlo. Or better yet, one of those bent-8 things.

Cavalier: just in case you weren’t listening, people liked the unpretentious Cavalier, and they were easy to sell. Cobalt? What’s that about? Trying to see how ugly you can make a 4-door? The 2 door isn’t too bad, but compete with Accord? Think again, you are setting your self up to fail terribly.

Let’s count it down:
Mopar: Viper, 300C, Magnum, SRT10 Truck, SRT4 Neon, Hemi motored trucks Retro styled Bumble Bee stripped trucks, Promises of things to come
Ford: Mustang, Mustang Convert, Crown Vic (Hey, it’s cheap, big, plush, RWD), SVT, Harley trucks. New Lightning next year, GT, Cobra Mustangs, HOT, Hot, more on the way.
GM: ………………………….. ???????? oh yes, ZO6 or XLR if you can get one and got 75 - 100K to spend.

The US automobile buying public likes performance, and Chrysler and Ford are giving it to them. GM needs to be more receptive to the consumer or be happy with loosing sales. There is something wrong with someone’s thinking when if you want a hot GM car, you have to buy a Cadillac. Can you say CTS-V??

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Old 09-02-2005, 01:01 PM
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Ditto. Gm has their heads way up thei collective ***!
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Old 09-02-2005, 01:29 PM
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Great Post!
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Old 09-02-2005, 02:56 PM
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Thanks for posting that.
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Old 09-02-2005, 03:09 PM
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I agree also, I dunno where GM`s head is, but it ain`t on there shoulders.
The new corvette looks like a Dodge Viper, I seen one at the dealership and the salesman goes "nice car huh?" I shook my head and said "ugliest corvette I ever seen" where`s the classic hide away headlights? the rear looks like it was pushed in, the car really has no rear at all, the interior looks cheap like a cavalier, the hood lines look identical to a Viper, GM has been in the game too long to be coping other companies. The Colorado has got to be the ugliest truck I ever seen, what`s with the lines above the tires? it looks retarded, the front end is butt ugly, headlights on the bottom? WTH? the truck looks like a plucked chicken. No Camaro Z28, No Firebird Trans Am, and GM wonders where it`s sales went to, what do they offer in a sporty performance vehicle affordable to the average joe? nothing. Why does the bowtie go all the way across the grill on the pickups? looks completely stupid, the bow tie should be a different color so it stands out and doesn`t look like it`s apart of the rest of the grill, why does the caddy SUV`s have a identical grille to chevy pickups with just the logos changed? No more classic small blocks, now they give us all this "LS" "4800" and "5300" crap that nobody fools with because they either can`t afford to or they don`t want to fool with a engine that looks like it was ran through a trash compactor first. I said some years ago "the car company that listens to it`s customers will reign" GM isn`t listening, and they wonder why there in such bad shape, any company that sells to the public should see, the public will make you or break you because they are who keeps you in buisness. When a company has nothing to offer the public but ugly vehicles with a high price tag and nothing else I wouldn`t expect them to sell, when you offer nothing you get nothing. Lastly a Open note to all car companies, stop making vehicles that look like they should fly, we might be avanced in electronics, but cars don`t fly yet, and "Back To The Future" was just a movie.
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Old 09-02-2005, 05:46 PM
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Amen to all of the above. My '93 SHOULD have been my last newer Chevy truck. Instead, I bought a '97 to replace it. I should have gone older, not newer. This thing is so cheaply made and so loaded with bells and whistles that it makes me sick to drive it. Rest your arms on a new Silverado hood. The newfound hood dimples are yet another sign that GM has tried to shaft the car buying public. Cheap (cough) crap marketed at roughly 5 times the real value. It's sad for me to say this, but I'm a GM guy through and through, but there's no way I'll buy anything new that they offer. As soon as I can get my '84 roadworthy, this crappy '97 is gone.

My uncle had a '76 that he traded in in '82. He traded that in for a '86, which in turn was traded for a '91. then along came his "new" '94, then a '99, and finally his '02. After the third computer failed in the '02 (in the second week of ownership), he ditched Chevrolet and bought a Nissan. He say's the quality of it is better than anything GM could offer. He says that he never should have traded off the '76. It was a slow death in quality from then till now. GM also will not sell me my next truck. Most all of their sales guys are so pushy on the "no, you really want an automatic, not a stick"; no, you need leather interior, not cloth seats....etc....that I refuse to return to a GM dealer. There, I've vented....Now I feel better.

In a while, Chet.

Last edited by schnitz; 09-03-2005 at 06:22 AM.
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Old 09-02-2005, 09:01 PM
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GM has never really been a performance minded company. They have mainly catered to the stoggy old business or family man. It has always been the "mavericks" like Duntov and Delorean that snuck the performance parts past the upper brass.

I think if GM was smaller, they would have to be more innovative and take a few more chances.

About the quality.................all the car companies are the same in that regard.
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Old 09-03-2005, 06:53 AM
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I was raised in the GM camp, but I've turned to Ford for my new vehicles. My dad always had a Chevy truck, a '71 then a '74, and finally a '78. Had to get another truck again recently, guess what? He bought a '90 Dodge. Very solid truck compared to what chevy was pumping out that year. When I went searching for a truck, I wound up with a F-150. Very solidly built truck and everything fits together without any gaps, quality job. Oh did I mention that my V6 5sp can outrun just about any of the new V8 Chebbies (I know, they've eaten my dust before!)?

A great case was when we were looking for a newer, nice car for my girlfriend. She wanted something peppy, nice looking, and affordable. I wanted it 1996 and newer so I could work on it. That pretty much X-nays most of the GM line. We had it narrowed down to a v6 Camaro or Firebird, or a Buick Regal with the 3800. Stopped at a Buick dealer to check out a regal, but their's only had the 3100, but next to it was a 1997 Cougar. With leather, power everything, sunroof, IRS, 4wheel disc brakes, & a V8 with factory dual exhaust!. Took it for a test drive and she loved it. Picked it up for $4,000 with only 85,000 miles on it! Very nice quality built ride. Quiet, everything fits nicely, looks quality. What the hell could I get from GM that is that nice?

GM's quality has taken a nose dive. Sarah had a 1989 Buick Century and that was a well built car. We got a 1994 Oldsmobile 88 after she got into her accident, and the darn thing broke in half because of the cheap steel in the bolts GM used to bolt the subframe to the body rust out. Patched it back together and sold it. Then we bought a Ford!

^^^^^^The story of GM's loss of market share^^^^^^^
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Old 09-03-2005, 07:07 AM
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Now they killed all their RWD cars but the next GTO! Azteck anyone? How GM is still in business is beyond me, they make a few good products inspite of themselves but they will be Toyota / GM before long! I think that's what they want or something.
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Old 09-04-2005, 06:19 AM
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Totally agree, just wish we could buy a Monaro(Holden GTO) for half your US pricing, they start at over 50k here. At least all our full size sedans are still rwd. If bad engineering and evil handling is the future, you can keep it.
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Old 09-04-2005, 09:58 PM's Avatar Moderator
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Old 09-04-2005, 10:12 PM
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Ditto's on that one! The heads at GM should roll from the top down. If they spend millons in the new concepts department only to come up with another orphan like the new GTO, it'll take more than another Lee Iacocca and federal money to bail them out.

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Old 05-25-2006, 12:54 PM
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I allways felt GM quit making trucks in 1988.
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Old 05-25-2006, 02:20 PM
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I disagree about the new Vette being a Viper copy. I say good riddance to the problem plagued hide away headlamps. Why should a new Vette owner be forced to buy an extended warranty so they can afford to fix the headlamps when they go out, and they will go out.

As far as the Vette looking like the Viper, who copied who? The Vette has been around a long time with it's traditional scalloped sides that the Viper copied. The new Z06 Vette will blow the doors off the much trumpeted Ford GT and the new Viper (Motor Trend) at a fraction of the cost of either. It's the best bargain going in a domestic or imported sports car, bar none.

I agree about the Chevy trucks...butt ugly with that stupid looking front end. And if they come out with the example of the Camaro I have seen they will loose their butts. They need to can their current crop of designers IMO. Dodge knows how to design a retro Challenger, why can't Chevy do the Camaro right instead of making it look like a Cadillac CTS?

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Old 05-25-2006, 02:25 PM
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GM's head is up their *** fo' sure!

I've read the hype about the new concept Camaro and the anticipation that goes with it, but really, quit talking and start building.
They really should take another look at the car though. If you look at the newer "retro" Mustangs, they really do resemble their older counterparts.
The 69 Camaro has long narrow tail lights, not oval. Also, from the cowl forward, they need to change it... ALOT! It looks hideous.
Drivetrain is another issue. Simply offer alot of the options that were available in 69. SS cars were performance oriented, throw out the weak V6 and stuff in a vette LS motor, 6 spd trans axle, IRS, and call it good.
Otherwise, this die hard chevy guy will be buying a New Challenger.
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