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So let me get this straight, all you hotrodders think that an 11 second electric car is not slow? C'mon, that $80K Corvette almost had him at the end of the 1/4 there.

On top of that, here is a guy with obviously huge dollars at his disposal to build such a complicated machine...did you have a look at those forklift battery connectors to hookup the batteries. Thats some very expensive high tech stuff there.

Ya know when some crackpot goes out and builds some hyper expensive prototype race car using secret battery technology (didn't he read the sticker on the portable tool battery cases?) to build a car barely capable of hitting high 11's in the 1/4 mile and uses it to beat an american supercar on a race track theres something wrong. Why hasn't this guy been taken out yet? Where is homeland security in all this, obviously he's a danger to everyone around him.

Seems to me that this so called "hotrodding" hobby you folks have been practicing is endangering the security of the huge multinational corporations we hold so dear, I can tell it has not gone un-noticed by those in charge. It will not be tolerated. From this day forward I am going to propose that any battery manufactured here or abroad come with wireless tamper proof transmitters to prevent you "hotrodders" from attempting to embarass and harass the corporate identity of our great nations by utilizing the technology that we let you use on a daily basis to drill your holes and whippersnip your grass for nefarious purposes.

I for one am outraged, did you not get the hint when the GM electric car was destroyed and those who were involved were neutralized and careers wrecked so they could not pollute any more young minds with this foolish battery powered communist technology.

I have one word for you guys, HYDROGEN. We need to keep those filling stations going for the good of mankind, you can get that whole notion of energy independance out of your minds forever. Energy flows out of a nozzle not a wire people!

Stop and desist right now or this hobby of yours will be systemically legislated out of existence.

Mark my words!

Pffft...100% torque at zero rpm....jeez! Thats Stalinism I tells ya!
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