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Originally Posted by 327NUT View Post
Well you're pretty opinionated aren't you? So sorry I gave this guy a bunch of bullchit info. My dyno time was $500 for a full day and it showed me how much hp and torque my engine put out with a load on it and 89 octane. I think that's exactly what he was asking for. If you read his post he said this is his first build, do you really think he's going to go to the track and have the knowledge to figure out his timing, air/fuel mixture, know how to read his plugs and then convert the et and speed into hp/trq?
first you don't learn from someone else tuning it for you
2nd, AGAIN dyno's don't run real pump fuel that for 95% of this country would be 10% ethnol fuel with an oxanizer(sp?)
3rd, any number under load on a water brake will not have the installed in car exhaust, this can have a 30-40hp swing to any "numbers" the dyno sheet says.
4th, if the dyno shop is at sea level and your not.. the tuning will not = the numbers on the dyno..
5th, dyno will not inclose the engine to it's own heat that unless you have a cold air inlet, it will have to deal with in the "REAL WORLD"
or a p/s pump or alt. or an air cleaner, it'll have a fancy bowl that help funnel the air into the carb in a way that no aircleaner set up will..
6th.. opinionated, nope.. facts are facts..
TELL ME i'M WRONG!!! better yet, PROVE I'M WRONG
why even care about a dyno sheet with x hp # and x ft lb's when you install it in the car it not even be close to the dyno set up..
best dyno room I saw was at mann engineering the engine sat in an area that was a mirror of most engine compartments , they installed the aircleaner you'd be running, and all the as. drive, and YOUR FULL EXHAUST SYSTEM.. if your engine was to breath underhood air, so did the engine on the dyno..
that gave you a real idea of what it had..
very very few will do this, and most dyno cells can't..
so the dyno pull #'s is no real than anyones "air" dyno ..
total waste of funds, unless you get to run it in, as installed in vehicle form.. not an opinion, it's fact.. again prove me wrong

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