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going bald from tearing my hair out

I will say right up front that I am pretty much allergic to most things electrical. I'd be mighty greatful if someone can follow my story here and help me.

I bought a 53 Chevy 210 at the NSRA Nationals two years ago. It's a great looking car, ran and drove OK, but was all pretty much stock drivetrain. The body, paint and interior were all done. I installed a fresh 350/350, Chassis Engineering MII, 10 bolt, Ididit column, etc etc. and now I can't drive the car because of a wiring problem of some kind. Here's the symptom:

Engine running, lights on, I noticed what I can only describe as a "blink" in the headlights and dashlights. They go bright for only a moment, then back to normal. Last time it happened, I was just watching it, trying to figure it out, and when it "blinked" it was such a surge in voltage that it actually blew out both headlights. Ok, says I, only thing that can create that much juice is the alternator/regulator, (GM single wire) so I take if off, take it to a rebuild shop here in Denver, and have it redone. Put it back on, no good. Problem persists. A buddy said I needed a ground strap, I added two. One from the block to the frame, one from the body to the frame. No good, problem persists. I also notice that when the engine is running, I see every so often the voltmeter changing from 12.5 to about 10, random, but every few minutes. I break down, and take the car to a local electrical repair shop. $300 later, they tell me that my headlights are out, and if it happens again, to bring it back. . So, here I am.

Like I said, I am not any good at electrical. The car had been rewired prior to my having it, but the job really looks pretty haphazard. If anyone can help me I'd be really greatful. If you know someone in the Denver area who is good at this stuff, I'd be willing to $$ them to get this right before the season is over. I'd like to drive this car without worrying about it catching -fire or something... call me if you'd like at (303) 681-7770.
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