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jrm123180 06-06-2004 01:09 PM

good and bad
Ok, the good.....after many posts and much help, I have finally started my pickup. the timing is set, and the carb is almost tuned.

The bad....after running it for a bit, I am getting no oil pressure (which i had when i had first started it), and I am getting a wacking noise from somewhere in the motor. I can not figure out what it is. I think I may have an idea but I"m not sure. All the valves have been adjusted so I know they are not chattering.

A bit of info:
its a 1979 chevy K10
holly 650cfm carb

I just pulled the engine apart to put in new rings in all the way around.

Before i did this job, i would loose oil pressure after running the truck for a bit; along with that came a loss of oil as well. The oil dip stick seems to be reading at full so i know I have plenty of oil in there. When I rev the engine the oil pressure goes up and then drops to nothing.

Any help please, i can use it. thanks once again.


LanceM 06-06-2004 01:22 PM

While you had it apart did you put in a new oil pump? Typicaly low oil pressure and a "wacking" noise means bearing problems, excessive clearance on the mains will give you low oil pressure.

Other questions:

Mechanical or electric gauge? If electric maybe a bad sending unit.

You said that it did this before the ring change, did you check the mains while you had it apart?

jrm123180 06-06-2004 01:38 PM

it is a mechanical pump. I did not check the main's while I had it apart. I didn't even remove the motor from the truck. Are the main bearings someting that I can replace fairly easily like by just removing oil pan? Also, i did not replace the oil pump.

also....when i remove the rocker arm covers, I do get our coming out of there if thats any help

lanierledford 06-06-2004 01:47 PM

knock knock
Sorry, but it sounds bad to me. No noise before the work sounds like a loose rod at worst. Did you change the rod bearing , tight pistons with loose bearing cause knocking. Bad oil pressure after warm up sounds bad cam bearing.

LanceM 06-06-2004 02:38 PM

Not the pump, the oil pressure gauge, is it mechanical or electric?

gpeak 06-06-2004 03:12 PM

If your rings went then your bearings aren't too far behind. Always do your bearings when doing rings or vise versa.

jrm123180 06-06-2004 03:45 PM

my gauge is mechanical.....

could it be that i bent my oil pump and its too close to the bottom of the pan?

before I did this job, i would loose oil pressure but that went with the oil. as soon as I added more oil, the pressure would come back up...but not to where it should be. The motor has 150k on it and the pump is original to my knowledge.

Are the bearings something that can be done with this engine in the truck? should i just replace my pump and see if that does anything?

thanks for eveyones help

LanceM 06-06-2004 04:51 PM

Ok mechanical gauge so it is probably reading true over tempature.

If you want to go cheap I'd do the oil pump and while you have the pan off pull at least one of the main caps just to see what kind of shape the mains are in. With 150K showing you should have gone with the whole works, guess it depends on if you just want it to last a little while longer or another 150K.

For future note, for all the trouble you have to go to pull the pan in most vehicals it's cheap insurance to replace the oil pump if you have the pan off...

As for changing the bearings, it probably could be done, maybe, in the truck but it would for sure be a lot easier with the engine out!

jrm123180 06-06-2004 05:32 PM

the intention with this job was only temp. its not a daily driver. I use it for fun and to do some odd jobs and plow in the winter. I do have another engine that i want to rebuild. Thats down the road though, since i want to build it up and money is tight with a new baby at the moment. thanks for your help.


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