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bullheimer 12-04-2005 10:12 PM

the Good the Bad, and the Ugly
okay, been awhile. i'm so busy at home. as you know work, my old work that is, was my leisure time to go online. no more. got fired, you know the details. dont get unemployment cause i guess flipping the f'er off was agin the rules. so, livin off retirement money. went on the ibew books waitin and doin my own contracting thing.

so i been waiting to go to the new hospital but they aint rampin up till spring. so i went for a refinery job and i got one! went to BP at Cherry Point, ferndale, wa. the us's newest refinery built in '75 or so... 30 years ago. they are building a new deisel refining unit and have tons of work for the following year to refine canada's heavy or stinky or whatever crude. i went from an atmosphere of knowiing what everything is and how it works to knowing NOTHING ABOUT ANYTHING! but hey, they pay me $30.66/hr. 4-10s. get up at 4:45, get to the car pool by 5:15, leave 5:20, get to work at 6:15, start at 6:30. work from dark to dark. long john tops and bottoms, t shirt, flannel, carhartt jacket over thermal overalls, full face hard hat liner. little bit different from teaching at job core with my own office 8-4:30 but lots more money. do side jobs on my days off. like if i dont have anything then i work on my house or do like yesterday and cut and split a cord of wood an just about kill myself. wife leaves the tempest's door open and backs up and it hits a post of the costco carport. thank god only takes off the paint onthe edge of the door and doesnt bend it or spring the hinge!!! mom is crazier than ever.... thinks they sell new boxes of kleenex with holes in all the tissues (she puts them back in the box after she uses them and then forgets). havent seen siss in about a month. wife is just as messed up as she was six months ago. acupunture seems to have helped some. just flippen up to my ***** in aligators. still cant focus my eyes together. man i tell ya! wont get back in a week or two to see the replies to this post so dont bother, just thought i'd let ya know how it's goin. grand am from hell is down again. back power mod ckt card. just paid my goodwrench friend $80 to put in a junk yard one that didnt work,then take it out, try another coil and re-install and it not work either! get to do it all over again tomorrow. anything to keep the wife out of my car!.. take care. sam

crazy larry 12-05-2005 05:46 PM

congrats on the new job! How'd you pass the UA?

Merry Christmas Sam!!!


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