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dee387 01-31-2004 05:39 PM

is this a good buy?
hello everyone im new to the board and new to hotrodding. i just bought a 64 chevy nova off a buddy of mine. really straight body, very very little rust, lowered, straight 6, i think it has a muncie transmission?, and a hurst shifter with 4 on the floor. well my question was is it a good idea to make this car a hotrod even though its not an ss or chevy II. like i said im new i dont even know if this car is a nova II :confused: im really hype about this car though i love it been reading mags and looking at parts everyday since i have bought this. any info on how i can find out if it is a chevy II would be appreciated also. oh yeah i got it for $3000
dee the rookie

Checy_Guy 01-31-2004 06:30 PM

It all depends what you wanna do with the car if you want to drag it or anything I would put a v8 in. if you just want something thats good on gas to be a daily driver leave the 6 in it.

I would hotrod it if it where me.

poncho62 01-31-2004 06:46 PM

A Chevy 11 and a Nova are the same thing. The Nova was a model of Chevy 11 in those years. In 69, they dropped the Chevy 11 name and just called it a Nova.

Can you post a picture of it?........ sounds interesting.

dee387 01-31-2004 07:31 PM

thanks poncho thats nice to know its a chevy nova II. ill post pics when i get some developed. thanks again.......and yup im gonna drop a v8 in it for sure!
poncho love that truck bro that green is nice!

OddRodder 01-31-2004 08:48 PM

Dee, I think that your car is a better hot-rod project that an original SS car! I love those early chevy II's! The sky is the limit -- Prostreet it -- Go Gasser -- Sleeper! The choices are yours! And with only $3,000 invested, you don't have to worry about keeping things original for future resale value!

lluciano77 01-31-2004 09:32 PM

If I was to build another fast Chevy, I woul get one of those. They are nice and light like a Falcon Sprint.

dee387 01-31-2004 10:36 PM

thanks fellas....yeah im pretty excited about my first project (thats a understatement, i have subscribed to a hot rod magazine and have picked up several, reading them cover to cover, lol) . i figure it will take me about 5 years to get it done. with the little research i have done this last 2 weeks i have been thinking about getting the tci nova ifs and a fast burn 385 crate engine from gm performance parts. i want to make this car fast at a reasonable price and i want to keep it 4 on the floor. any comments or insight on these 2 ideas would be great. thanks again
dee the rook

tm454 02-01-2004 10:40 AM

Nova ride
You got a driver for $3k thats solid and straight, good deal. Got any pictures yet? Lets see this baby soon!


Rat Rods Rule!

OddRodder 02-01-2004 11:34 AM

Hey Dee (the Rook), Check out Hot Rod magazines Wilshire Shaker Project!!Now that is how early chevy II's should look!! It has been one of the work in progress cars for a few months now. This month's issue has it doing a little match racing!

I like the self imposed nickname, be careful, it just might stick!!

dee387 03-14-2004 11:48 AM

i got pictures up finally of my 64 nova, check it out. in my gallery.

crazy larry 03-14-2004 12:00 PM

all it needs is some meats sticking out from the rear wheel wells, and a huffer poking out the hood.

it'll make a nice rod.:thumbup:

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