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HemmiGremmie 10-27-2002 02:08 PM

Good deal? will it work?
Hey Crew.
I just drove around town N country today and ran across a mid 70's convertible Cadillac. Its got the 500ci in it and (i believe) the turbo 400 tranny. He said he drove it around the lot and it runs, but not good. It dont matter cause Im, rebuilding anyway. The body is ough, but its complete.
Heres my question. He wants 600 bucks, but I think I can talk him down to 500 or so. If I sell the body or pull it to the salvage yard, I will get probably 75-100 bucks back in salvage. And, I can sell some parts like the AC comp, radiator, grill, bumpers, ect.. to make a little more back. Sound good or should I hold off? I keep hearing of these 250 dollar motors, but I never see em around here. Tnx, HG

Kevin45 10-27-2002 02:23 PM

Not a bad price if you can get it for $500. Part out everything though. Glass, electric door and window switches, etc. But before you plan on getting him down to $500 don't tell him what you want it for. Tell him you need it to drive back and forth to work because you just found a new job. Give him a BS story and tell him you can only afford $300 then maybe he'll want to unload it anyhow and let it go for $400. Worth a try. He's probably only got $100-200 in it anyhow. BTW make him throw in a 30 day warranty just for sheet and giggles.


BstMech 10-27-2002 02:37 PM

Yeah, I like the warranty thing, that's good! :D

HemmiGremmie 10-27-2002 03:03 PM


dinger 10-27-2002 10:27 PM

yank the motor out and put the body on ebay. some fool will give big bucks for a convertible. Dan

meanmachine666 10-28-2002 04:49 AM

[quote]Originally posted by dinger:
<strong>yank the motor out and put the body on ebay. some fool will give big bucks for a convertible. Dan</strong><hr></blockquote>

yep my dad sold his a year or so ago and made three times what he paid for it. But I have the engine and trans put away for either the 49 or the 51 checy truck I will be doing later on when my youngest son is a little older.

Madd Syntst 10-28-2002 06:14 AM

Just a little taste. When Hot Rod It gets home, he is going to post a picture he took in Charlotte. We saw this item and both said, "Hemmi Gremmie needs to see this! :eek:

Maverick 10-28-2002 09:12 AM

So.....Am I still on your hit list? Just how big of an ol boy are ya? :D

WoodsEdge 10-28-2002 03:16 PM

Lok at his picture, Maverick, he doesn't drive that Gremlin, He wears it.
Jack :D :D

HemmiGremmie 10-28-2002 05:22 PM

What ya got for me Madd? Its some weird little contraption that only I would dare drive, isnt it?
No Mav, your not on my list. Although you didnt bring me the motor.
Me. 6ft, 343lbs. Powerlifted for about 6 years, but now I powerdrink. :D HG

Maverick 10-29-2002 05:23 AM

:eek: :eek:

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