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It has been a terrible day.. Went to town, no one had timing tape. Checked every parts store. Nope. Got home. stabilized the gas from water. Let it run... Played with the timing from 12-20 initial. Now no matter where i put it, the carb back fires.The lower I put it though, the slower and lagy it feels, higher, the faster it revs. But, still back fires under heavy load. The reason I have a 750, is because I had a 600. EVERYONE under the sun told me I was retarded for putting that small of a carb on it, take it back while I could to get a750. Even holley told me I needed a 750. Awesome right? I am about to just swap cams.. The reason it has the 2200 in the first place is because the guy we had order the cam( man who done the machine work on the motor during this time), we told him straight up, at the time we had a stock converter, we said order one that would run good with it, and he said no worries. here is a 2200, gave it to us for 50 bucks and ordered us a cam that was supposed to match up to it. Here we are now.. For my first motor of my own, this has sucked..

Another thing, when i got out a minute ago, took off the breather, sat there a minute thinking of what next, and heard something pulsing. Looked over in the carb, the front jet was sitting there still pulsing gas. The throttle was closed, wth now? I undone the line and plugged it, it had lots of pressure. It is a oem style pump, but yeah. Once I undone the line it had plenty of pressure. Plugged it off, it quit doing the pulsing crap.. Could this be the floats needing adjustment?

This sucks guys... The guy who done our machining is NOT a back yard machinic. Very skilled and has done it since dad was my age. I dont know if he just, well, I dont know..................... Extremely annoyed at the moment.

Forgot to add, it does have a spacer. For clearance at the heater hose
How it sits..
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