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Originally Posted by KyleG View Post
How much lower of a gear are we talking? Its already 4.11 lol At 55 I'm turning 3000..

Also, the floats were a little out of adjustment. Fixed that which smoothed it out some. Picked up power there actuallyGot feeling around more, and time to start calling me a stupid kid lol #7 plug wire wasn't popped all the way on.. The metal clamp on the inside of the 90 has pretty much burnt up.. It was still getting fire, but not much I bet.. Got new wires, cap and a button. Putting that on tomorrow. Still no timing tape though. No one carries the stuff..

My mind is so confused on some things.. May be doing a 3 speed, straight shift swap here soon.. So that will fix the converter issue. And as for the cam.. we'll see if the tires spin tomorrow after everything. Hoping so lol I'll keep you guys posted.

And I dont really want to lock up the distributor, because the switch will have to be put in so it'll start and what not.. And, I don't do good with wiring. The reason I have no choke, radio, manual pump, etc. I like simple.
I missed the part about having 4.11's. That's plenty of gear but having a stall speed 1000 RPM lower that you torque curve takes off is killing you. Big cams with basically stock heads make for a real narrow spikey torque curve. A wide flat curve is what's gets it done on the street. You will quickly come to hate a really loose converter on the street. Swapping to a 3 speed manual is not going to be much of an improvement. 3 speeds are going to like a flat torque curve also. You'll be able to spin your tires a bit due to the energy stored in the flywheel when you dump the clutch but when the tires hook it will pull the motor down. Expect excessive RPM drop on shifts too.
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