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Originally Posted by LEROYDOZOIS View Post
im not sure if i want to keep bothering with the quadrajet, i drove all over the place today and im getting 10 mpg stop/go intown 35 mpg speedlimit... not sure if i should screw with something that majority of people said id never be able to achieve.

and no luck with the qjet, put it back on and it still wont idle so i think im done playing with it. i might sell it on ebay as a whole kit, cliffs book and all.
Could be, a friend of mine just went through that trip with the Q-Jet on an original 350 in his 1970 pickup. I put some time into it as well, finally recommending replacement after several unsuccessful tries at bringing it in. I suggested replacing it with the Holley 4175, but at 400 dollars he was pretty resistant to spending that much money. But after spending nearly that much on fixing the original Q-Jet to no satisfactory result; then purchasing a rebuilt Q-Jet from a national rebuilder and seller of those things that upon firing the engine up blew the fuel inlet fitting out of the carb body, soaking the engine compartment with gasoline that fortunately didn't catch fire. When he called me to come over and take a look I found the inlet threads in the body were mostly gone and that someone at the rebuilder tried to connect the body and fitting with epoxy. After that Scott relented and bought the Holley from a well known hot rod catalog. They delivered it the next day. He put it on only asking me how to wire the electric choke.

Out of the box it brought the 350 back to life so well it didnít need further adjusting than to set the idle and the transmission modulator link. He was concerned about jet sizes, like it seems everybody that has a Holley worries about. I got over to his barn a couple days later to listen to it. It ran so well I recommended leaving it alone, as messing with it was more likely to screw it up than improve what it was already doing.

Now he's got to replace the wheel bearings on his boat trailer. Like backing into salt water to launch and never cleaning and repacking the bearings was something he could get away with forever.

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