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Why does adjusting the valve lash have to be a Headache. It is not.
You are misinformed. Getting Hyd roller lifters to perform at high rpm is a headache.
All of the supposed advantages of a hyd roller lifter, Low maintance, long life, will be eliminated
once the spring pressure is jacked up enough and the internal plunger travel is limited, to allow a Hyd roller to rpm at this level. It will require just as much or more maintenance . any real or perceived low mantance durability advantage you think you will get will be gone. virtually eliminated ..
Such a hyd roller cam that will allow a hyd roller to actually perform at high rpm is costly.
A lot of it is in the cam lobe design. The typical off the shelf hyd roller cams are not what you want.

The solid roller cam and lifter set up will make more power and last longer when used at high rpm where actual big power and rpm is desired.

You will not save money or time, work and will make less power than a solid roller.
The valve lash on a correctly designed solid roller valve train stays set for a long time and is easy and quick to adjust. You will or should be changing the oil and filter more often than you will have the valve covers off.

The periodic valve lash adjustment is easily done cold and takes about 25 to 40 minutes to do all 16 valve on a V8.
Most times only a few of the 16 valves need actual lash adjustment.
Setting the valve lash "Hot" is not nessessary. Just set it cold .002 to .006" tighter than the recomended hot lash spec.

Once a summer is plenty. My bud here ran with no adjustment for over 2 years on his solid mechanical street roller 396 BBC.
The lash was only out a few thou. Minor lash touch up as all that was required.
He found it quite easy to do him self and not a headache at all or anything to be intinidated by.
(after graduating from the F-Bird'88 school of easy/no hassle valvetrain adjustment.)
The street solid roller valve train runs quiet. You have to really listen to tell the difference between it and hyd lifters.
Some hyd cams lifters are very noisey. The solids are actually quieter at idle.
All I had to do was drink the beverages. LOL Good to go for another year or so.

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