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Got Pulled Over Tonight

The first time in about 8 years I have been pulled over. Was not speeding,saw the cop,check my tach,yep,legal speed.Damn,my car is awful loud with the Flowmasters,hope he is not onto that.
He comes to my window,I have my hands where he can see them,after all,we do not want any excuses right?
"Good evening",nice polite cop
"Can I see your liscense,registration,and proof of insurance?"
I tell him sure,pull out my wallet with one hand still on the wheel in plain sight,Flip it open like a Dragnet Badge holder,ask him to shine the light at my glove box while I get my paperwork and ins. card.
"Sure can" he says
I get my packet of information out and hand it to him,still waiting for why I was pulled over."You have a headlight out,is why I stopped you"
DOH,I know,I reply,tell him that I have the replacement in the bag in my passenger side floorboard.The light was out when I left work lastnight,and I stopped and got one,just did not have the time to throw it in yet,going tomorrow to the garage and throwing it in.
"Stay right there Mr. Castle,I need to run this thru"
You got me by the balls,I am going nowhere.
He came back a few moments later,gave me everything back,told me to get it put in as soon as I can and have a good evening.
No Citation,No warning ticket,No court.
See Guys,A little respect for the men and women patrolling the streets is all you need.It does go a long way.Keep your hands where they can see them,do not get fidgety,that gives em reason to speculate,then they keep their hand on their gun. Talk polietley.Even if you KNOW you did nothing wrong.Getting mad will just get you a ticket,or worse a night at the Crossbar Hotel.Keep all your info in a neat orginized stack,or band them togather,I keep mine in an envelope.Ask them to shine their MagLight in while you open your glove box.That way they can see and so can you.Tell them if you have a concealled carry permit and inform them if you are packing heat.If they get you out for some reason,and you are carrying,they will find the gun BEFORE they find your permit. If you do not have the gun on you,but it is in your glovebox,give them your permit,when you give them your license,because you are getting into the glove box,and they will see your hand gun.

Just a few tips to help a bad situation turn out better for you if it happens.Keep your nose clean and you should be ok.
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