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I have had my fair share of "nice cops" and my fair share of "dick cops"....

I have been pulled over for speeding 3 times in the last 10 years. Once I was let off with a warning, once I got a fix-it for a cracked windshield, and once I got a fix it for not having my license (it had been stolen). Attitude towrads the cop helps, Yes Sirs, No Sirs, Stay in the car. I also think you car plays a part, ( me I tend to drive 4 door grocery getters! now).

There was however a time in my life where I was frequently "hassled" by cops. I was in a band called "SLAVE PIG" and our "logo" was a dead pig. and I had it spray painted all over my car. Boy the cops loved that!! While I was driving that car I was pulled over at least 7 times and just hassled, never tickted. I alwasy had to "explain" the name. I had to sit in the back of the cruiser while they ran my name. Yeah I looked a "guy" they were looking for. I got pulled over during the "month" my reg expired, cause the cop wanted to see what "day" it expired.. also during this time I had a Mohawlk or a shaved head... Yeah I had a bad attitude after it started happening alot. Yeah I was argumentative, because I was always being pulled over for BS reasons... I was almost alwasy searched, the car was searched, frequently accused of being a criminal. All because I was a musician.

Yeah I stood out, doesnt mean I was a criminal... Yeah I had had bad attitude, because of them!

So I cant say I "like" cops. I have a bad feeling based on my experiences, and while all of the last ones have been good, I think when it comes down to it, it depends on the cop. Will I get a cop "just doing his job" or will I get a cop with a beef against guys in Black hondas? never know...
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