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First off, my apologies for not posting this under Off Topic like I meant to do. The trauma of losing a race, ya know...

Hay Matt,
Originally Posted by matts37chev
more HORSEPOWER, that fixes everything

if I remember correctly, on that model (and some others) if you run it at full throttle all the time, from now on
the horsepower will slowly start to increase (along with some minor weight reduction)
Well, running at full-throttle from the beginning might've been my problem. I was out of breath and strength pretty quick. But I suppose practice does make perfect, and should help improve the power-to-weight ratio in the long run.

Originally Posted by matts37chev
or you could start pooling to work, it'll be a little faster
Lol! I'd be in serious trouble if my pooler called in sick!

Hey Cobalt,
Originally Posted by cobalt327
There was a long-standing bicycle land speed record held by a doctor, who rode his 1-speed bicycle (the front sprocket was HUGE) behind a hot rod PU truck w/a big wind break strapped to it. He eventually did nearly 140 MPH. He was shown at speed wearing what looked like a cross between a wet suit and a speed skater's outfit in a Hot Rod mag (might have been a yearbook).

He's mentioned in passing HERE, where the record was broken by a newfangled bike.
That was actually a very interesting read. And yes, that sprocket is very large, helps to attain faster speeds with less pedaling I suppose. 140 mph? I can't even imagine that.

Hey Nolan,
Originally Posted by OLNOLAN
Thats about the funniest chit I heard today! Put a two stroke engine on it. 100 mpg or pedal when you run out of gas. There is a guy around here that runs one to the store every day, hauling anus. Nolan
Shoot, if I had my way, there'd be a miniature LT1 on it! Some of these gas conversion kits I've seen are rated at 40+ mph, so I'm sure it feels fast on a bike. 100 mpg is always a nice bonus.

Hey Bob,
Originally Posted by deckofficer
Sounds like it is time for a hub motor. There are a lot to choose from, cheap China build to quality USA build. 250 watts to over 3000 watts.

Good recommendation, as I did not know these existed. I went to the link you posted and thought the pricing on those units was a bit much. however, I did do a search on Amazon and eBay and they've got much cheaper units for sale. I am quite interested in such an upgrade now, and I would like something similar to the Currie Technologies Power Kit. Its the only complete kit I've found that includes the battery. Top speed of 10 - 15 mph with normal pedaling and max range of 10 -15 miles. $300 isn't too bad. However, the battery is rated at only 200 cycles. Another one that seems decent is Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit SLA.

Hey Joe,
Originally Posted by NamelessJoe
maybe you could go electric or look into the 2 stroke front wheel hub motors that run on gas in a bottle holder? you might find something Cali legal?.... or get a 3 speed rear wheel it just has a little toggle thingy that will strap to your handle bar
Using the water bottle as the gas tank? Now that's genius! I did look up the three-speed rear wheel conversion kit and found only one: Shimano Nexus 3 speed Rear Wheel w/ Coaster Brake 26". I thought it was a bit pricey, a little more than buying another bike.

Hey Matt,
Originally Posted by matt167
Theres a guy on Venice beach that builds gas powered beach cruisers with the china engines. They fall thru the cracks. not legal but the engines can be had from a few of the suppliers for california market..
Wow, you know more about my area than me lol! May have to head over to Venice one of these days, visit Muscle Beach, may be a few bike shops.

Originally Posted by matt167
I have a 66cc on a Mountain bike. rode it like it was a dirt bike down in some trails. the straight plug head had developed leaky plug threads and I bought a new cylinder and ported it, and bought the slant head for higher compression. it's still in peices tho
Dude, you moded your bike motor? Sweet! Put up some pics if you got any.

Hey Cal,
Originally Posted by cal1320
Invert the handle bars. This will give you a lower profile in the wind.
Loose the front reflector. It's like a billboard. Too much drag.
Mill the thickness down on the pedals. Drag and weight reduction.
Remove reflectors from spokes. This is a *****in blacked out dangerous ride (save the reflectors for some Nancy boy or a peroid correct restoration).
Add a playing card to hit the spokes. I would suggest a face card. Just the noise alone is worth a tenth in the quarter. Vintage wood clothes pins are faster than the new plastic ones.
You've done this before, havent' you?

Originally Posted by cal1320
Oh wait. I just noticed the seat....... uhhh you aint goin nowhere fast if you need a seat that big.
Hey now, I told you about my egg-nog addiction! . To be fair, that is the only factory option for the "interior". After all, it is a big comfy cruiser so its supposed to be that big.

Hey Bob,
Originally Posted by boatbob2
Buy a HONDA motorcycle,then you wont have to worry about getting passed by a bicycle !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I seriously have been thinking about getting into motorcycles. I unfortunately fell off of one during a simple part of the test at the end of the riding class. Hurt my wrist and never touch a motorcycle again. My commute has been reduced greatly recently so I am again considering buying an older motorcycle. Hopefully insurance isn't too much.

Thanks guys for the laughs and quite a bit of new knowledge. This conversation actually might lead me to a new project!
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