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Originally Posted by nine4gmc
this thread went from one of the funniest posts I have read, to the fastest electric scooter I have ever seen in 1 page, WIN!
That's the beauty of this forum and its members! Lots of humor and lots of knowledge!

Originally Posted by deckofficer
Like I said, there are a lot of hub motors out there. Just remember 746 watts = 1 hp, and P=IxE. Lithium batteries are coming down in price, and unlike the 300 cycles you get from a deep cycle lead acid battery, they will give you 2000+ cycles plus for any given energy storage, are 1/4 of the weight. Some controllers offer regen if you want to stretch your riding range. Don't get crazy like I did, this scooter will out accelerate my Corvette to 40 mph, and if it was a bull in the rodeo, would have a perfect record, 5 riders tried it, 5 wound up on their butts.

Originally Posted by deckofficer
The controller in those pictures was only a 400 amp rated for 1 minute. Unlike gas and diesel engines, electric motors are capable of a huge peak output for 5 seconds. The Etek PMDC motor I'm using is only rated at 5 hp continuous, 15 hp for 1 minute, and for 5 seconds, what ever your controller and battery can muster. Since the AGM batteries can crank at 680 amps for 10 seconds, it was time to upgrade to a 700 amp controller. I'm still at 48 volts, but could push to 72 volts. At 48 volts X 700 amps = 33,600 watts / 746 = 45 hp for 5 seconds. You have to remember that on an electric motor, all torque is available at zero rpm, that is why even with a thorough pre-flight, everyone that tried to ride it lost control. At 72 volts (if I upgrade) it would be 72 X 700 = 50,400 watts / 746 = 67.5 hp on a scooter that weighs 113 lbs.
Is that your father beaming proudly in the first picture?

I very much appreciate you breaking down the math for me on this since my physics and math aren't all that strong. Now I have a better understand of the numbers when I look up the conversion kits.

So, is there anything you haven't hooked up a battery to? Lol! That scooter looks killer! 45 hp on that little thing? Yikes!

Originally Posted by matt167
Theres a guy on Venice beach that builds gas powered beach cruisers with the china engines. They fall thru the cracks. not legal but the engines can be had from a few of the suppliers for california market..
Is this the guy you're talking about: Venice Motor Bikes

On a related note, I have been looking for more information on these gas conversions being illegal. Turns out they are legal because they qualify as mopeds, which require a simple application to be submitted. Cops on the other hand may not be up to date on this, judging from this thread: "CA Laws"
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