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gothrod87 05-06-2005 09:20 AM

GOT two questions...a leaking windsheild and primer
Ok guys heres my situation...i have a 1986 grand am that every time it rains the entire top of the windsheild leaks and its causing my headline to fall down...i was wondering if there was some kinda cheap sealer i can use to fix it for the time being till i have the money to get the windsheild other question is about my grand am used to be blue and it looks like absolute dog crap because it had a cheap paint job over the original blue paint and its pealing off in place and just genrally looks like crap....what i was planning to do is start out with like the rear trunk lid and work my way around and just spray it with rattle can primer...what should i do as far as prep...and keep in mind i got alot of free time...any help will be greatly apreciated,

Centerline 05-06-2005 09:38 AM

First read this post . When you're done and if you still have specific questions ask them then.

When it comes to sealing your windshield, I would have it removed and resealed by a professional. Modern vehicles use the windshield as part of the structure of the car and if the seal has failed it could be dangerous in an accident and effect your built in crumple zone's strength.

gothrod87 05-06-2005 10:38 AM

thanks for the link.....the reason i need to find a sealent for it is cause i need a TEMPORARY solution to it leaking...i just spent dang near six hundred dollar on a complete custom stereo and realized it was leaking right after that....normally i could get by with just tarping it till i had the money to fix it its just i dont want any moisture getting into the interior cause it could ruin the new audio stuff...i know it may sound like i blew it off but i really didnt realize it was leaking till all of the stereo was installed and it got rained on for the first about a bad suprise...i guess if anyone can think of anything then please drop me a line...thanks,

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