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buicfrank 11-23-2012 05:32 PM

gram scale
can anyone recommend a scale to measure piston and rod weight? Thanks Frank

cobalt327 11-23-2012 05:57 PM is a thread on the subject.

Things to look for:

A platform large enough to put the part on and still be able to read the display.

A capacity that puts the weight of the part in the middle range of the scale capacity. Like for a 500g piston you'd ideally want a scale w/a 1000g capacity, give or take.

A resolution of </= +/-0.1g

A stainless steel platform is nice to have, but not absolutely necessary if you're careful. All the digital scales have a tare feature that lets you zero out the display after you put a container on the platform to keep the platform clean. Avoid things like getting carb spray on plastic parts of the scales- especially the cheaper models.

A good triple beam scale will work just fine for this, need no batteries, and are accurate. But they take a LOT longer to use than a digital scale.

If you are going to do this a lot, getting a good scale from the start would be my advice. But expect to pay a couple hundred for one.

buicfrank 11-23-2012 06:01 PM

gram scale
Thank you for the information. Does a brand name come to mind?

cobalt327 11-23-2012 06:18 PM


Originally Posted by buicfrank (Post 1614972)
Thank you for the information. Does a brand name come to mind?

For a 3-beam you used to be able to say Ohaus. Now, I haven't seen where they're made anymore, so you might want to look into that if you want to avoid off shore 3-beams. I don't know of any American made digital scales, nor do I know if that would even be an advantage nowadays. - Digital Scale Manufacturer & Pocket Scale Manufacturer Guide is a listing of some makes of digital scales. That site has other info, see the Home page and go from there.

For el cheapo scales, the two Cen-Tech scales I have from Harbor freight haven't let me down so far. One has been used for years. 11-24-2012 09:39 AM

From Cobalt 327
For el cheapo scales, the two Cen-Tech scales I have from Harbor freight haven't let me down so far. One has been used for years.

I have a shadowgraph that came with my engine balancer machine. It now gets a lot of dust accumulation.. A few years ago I bought a HF Cen-Tech cheapy scale, made a tray for the top and I actually prefer to use it. Quick, accurate, easier to read and has lasted well.

ramzoom 11-24-2012 11:35 AM

Shadow graph! I haven't seen one of those in years..last one I saw was for a truck scale of all things..We've owned a scale shop for 40+ years so any questions feel free to PM me..

lako666 01-23-2013 07:53 AM

Hello guys..the best thing for the best thing to measure the weight is the truck scale because its have capacity to load the maximum weight..Ram zoom do not advertise here of the shop..its against the law of the forum

cobalt327 01-23-2013 10:50 AM

lako, you DID read the first post, right? I'm not sure what Ram or Zoom has to do w/this either.

AutoGear 01-23-2013 11:48 AM

The post from Lako is, I believe a reference to the Name of the poster before him "Ramzoom" who references owning a scale shop at some point.

We used a lot of scales when I was in culinary school. A 'tare' weight or button is used to negate the weight accumulated on the pan.

For example, on a 3 beam balance baking scale, the tare weight weighed as much as the pan used to hold the ingredients.

Some really old or cheap digital scales can only use a tare once while adding weight (presumably to negate an empty container), a lot of the new ones you can use the tare button repeatedly to stack amounts together.

get something that you know the exact weight of in order to keep an eye on your scales calibration as well.

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