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$1000+ Sartorius scale in that video and they should center the load and not load the rear of the scale..That scale has 4 load points..1 at each corner..they are loading the rear 2 mostly..A scale that good will have adjustments to make sure each corner is accurate and matched to the other 3. On the cheap scales you will most likely have an error if you apply weight to each corner individually..this is a shift test. Cheap scales usually fail you could have a gram or more of error depending on where you load the scale..Better scales have better load cells..most inexpensive scales have no provisions to adjust corners..they are a center mount load cell and it is entirely up to the load cell to maintain accurate readings as the weight is moved from center load towards the outer portions of the scale platform..again cheap scales tend to fail in this test..not all but most and certainly over time and use. If you really want to be within a tenth of a gram you need a good scale ( and yes there are some offshore scales that will perform well) and I recommend a good test weight. The weights that come with the cheap scales are usually out of tolerance (made in China)..So it comes down to just how accurate do you want to be? Also there is the problem of scales often fail. you can load your scale with the provided test weight and perform a calibration but if you check 3 points across the range of the scale you will most likely find errors with the exception of the test weight value you used. My advice..get the best scale you can afford for what you really need. Dont say you want to go 200 mph on the autobahn and then go to Yugo and buy a car..and vice versa..dont buy a Lambo if all you do is drive to the store down the street...of course figuratively'd love a Lambo to drive to the store! lol..
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