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JohnTN 10-28-2006 04:48 AM

Grease Slung on Floor Pan Above Pinion U-Joint
After driving streetrod 2400 miles with a slight drivetrain vibration I finally checked the driveline angles and found the rearend pinion to be 6.5* up. I was able to adjust this to 2.5* up and the vibration is gone, but while under the car I noticed a swash of grease across the floor pan right above the rearend U-joint/pinion connection like grease has been slinging off of something.

The driveshaft and u-joint are new except for the 2400 miles the car has been driven.

Would vibration have caused grease to sling out or is this an indicator the u-joint might be bad? I haven't noticed any clunking or unusual sounds from the rear.

Should I just pump some more grease into the u-joint grease fitting?


garyroushkolb 10-28-2006 05:13 AM

grease slinging on floorpan
It sure sounds like a U-joint problem about to happen, the vibration could have been caused by the joint and when it heated up the grease exited where it was supposed to be. I'd pull the drive shaft and take apart the joint and look then you'll know. Hopefully it was just an excess of grease, but better to know for sure. You'll be able to see the wear easily on the cross.

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