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Great tool, the Wax and Grease sprayer.

I have been using this neat sprayer for wax and grease remover for a while at work and got so spoiled I had to pick one up for home.

Here in crazy California they forced us to use these instead of pouring the surface cleaner (wax and grease remover) out onto a rag producing VOC. I think it is a feels good does nothing sort of thing but that is beside the point. The darn thing works GREAT, and I am glad they forced me to use it. It has a pump on the top to build up pressure to spray the cleaner out. You can adjust the tip to spray a stream or mist or heavy droplets. This thing is WAY better than the metal ones that you have to pressurize with your compressor. You spray on the cleaner then just wipe it off to clean prior to paint. No sloshing it out onto a rag. Just spray and wipe, it really works neat. Plus, you can spray it on irregular shaped items where getting into nooks and crannies with a rag is difficult to impossible sometimes. I just painted some steel rims and it was a great time saver getting down around the lug holes where there was some polish.

If you are a tech, it is a very valuable time saving tool. If you are a home hobbiest it is a valuable garage time tool. Instead of looking around for the rags to use and getting out a gallon of cleaner and what not, it is sitting or hanging right there ready to use any time you need it. It stays pressurized until you let the pressure out by pulling the trigger so you don't have to pump it up every time you use it.

It's available at for $39.00

Or if you have to "touch" it you can order it at a NAPA auto parts store (they probably won't have one in stock, tell them it is in the "MS" line) part number A501100MS for about $50.00.

And to add to the use described, someone on another forum gave me the GREAT idea to use it when quenching metal while shrinking. I'll go for anything that saves my muscles and that sqeezing the spray bottle is something I can live without.

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