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Thank you all for your input so far! You definitely got my gears turning in the old noggin. To answer some of your questions:

I don't have any pushrods yet for this engine since I needed to install the rockers in order to see what length rod will be required for proper geometry. (i use a set of the adjustable pushrods to determine this)

When I installed the rockers, some would not even slide down the stud at all because of the interference (as hotrodf1 pointed out and as you can see in my first picture) I understand that the position of this rocker is all messed up but it's as far as it goes on. The rockers that could "squeeze" past the valve springs can't touch the roller to the valve tip, no matter what height pushrod is. The closest they could come is shown on my second picture.

Now as far as grinding the rockers goes, I understand that many people have done it before, but as much money that's in this engine, I would hate to risk a broken rocker and who knows what other parts if that metal winds up where it shouldn't be. Plus my spring force is pretty stiff in order to control my solid roller cam with .680 lift seen at the valve (minus lash of course) which I would think is another factor towards a premature rocker failure.

So I looked around for other rockers that would clear my springs without having to go to a shaft mounted rocker. Harland Sharp has a heavy duty aluminum set that say they clear springs up to 1.630" as well as Crane's Gold Race Rockers. I would like to go to a stainless steel rocker but the only one I found (by Crower, thanks CNC BLOCKS N/E) were around $500 for the set! I'm sure they are worth it though.

If you guys have any info of which of these I should stay away from, let me know. I'll keep you all posted which ones I get and if they clear. For future reference, the Comp Pro Magnums won't clear the bigger springs (1.560").

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