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Frisco 05-08-2006 07:43 AM

Harbor Freight 43430 "purple" gun
Let me say first that I have never used any spray gun to paint. This is a completely new venture for me. I always had someone else to do the painting for me. Guess it's time for this old dog to learn some new tricks.

As the Harbor Freight 43430 "purple" gun seems to be highly recommended on this site, I bought two of them for my learning experience. They come with a 1.4 tip. I seem to remember that a 1.8 to a 2.0 tip was suggested to spray 2K primer. I can not find a listing for any tips for this spray gun. Where can I purchase the tips?

Any and all suggestions as to getting started are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

starquest 05-08-2006 08:24 AM

Harbor Freight carries one, if you can't find it on their web page you will need to call and ask. It isn't too expensive either.

I use the same gun. I spray epoxy and 2K with the regular 1.4 tip. It works fairly decent. You have to put a few more coats of 2K when you use this gun but it still builds nice. I actually used a cheap $14 conventional gun to spray the first two thick coats of 2K on the car. Then I blocked and blocked and blocked. Between each block coat, I used the 43430 gun to apply a slightly thinner layer of 2K to give me a new starting point to find any highs and lows. This worked very well for me.

Also the 43430 gun with 1.4 tip sprays the SPI epoxy nice. This gun is a nice unit for primer, single stage, and base coat paints but I don't like it one bit for clear coat. I just can't get it to atomize the paint nice and still keep a nice pattern. Thus I'm currently looking for a higher end gun to spray base and clear. I'm considering the devilbiss gfg-670 plus or the iwata lph400. I'll still use the 43430 gun for all primer and other odds and ends though.


302 Z28 05-08-2006 08:28 AM

There are different nozzle sets availiable from HF, but chances are you will not find them in a store. I have checked several HF stores in the Houston and Dallas/Ft Worth area and none had them. They can be ordered, but the shipping is rather steep at $9.95. There was a recent post here with some part numbers. I tried to search for it but had no luck.


oldred 05-08-2006 01:24 PM

Just a word on the 43430 and clear coat, I bought two of those guns and at first I too was disappointed with the clear coat performance. After hearing everyone say they need a LOT of air and the fact that the specs say, I think like 13 CFM@30 PSI, I removed that 1/4" regulator that came with it and replaced my 1/4" fittings and couplings with larger better flowing parts. It was like a different gun, I mean the difference was amazing and the clear went on like glass. :) Yep, that thing likes air and if you make sure it gets what it needs you will probably like it a lot. I have just recently up-graded to to a pro quality gun but I intend to hang on to my "purple" guns.

gator412 05-08-2006 02:33 PM

Look at this thread. It has the part numbers for the 43430 gun tips. Just last month I called and ordered a 2.2 due to this post by Basscat. A 2.2 tip is what I spray 2K primer with at auto body class.

cab 05-08-2006 04:15 PM

gator - what did you pay for that 2.2 tip?

scrot 05-08-2006 06:12 PM

Long live the HF PURPLE GUN
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:thumbup: I bought one today. Haven't tried it yet, but considering all of the good reviews, I am looking forward to using it.


replaced my 1/4" fittings and couplings with larger better flowing parts.
Oldred, what kind of hi flowing parts?
thanks. welcome:

ChrisMiddleron 05-08-2006 08:24 PM

I started out using those guns and really liked them. THey are great for beginners but after a while of using them the spray pattern on them always seems to mess up. Now that I work at a dealership we use Iwatas and satas. So Far my favorite clear gun is the silver Sata RP with a 1.5 tip. It lays dupont production clear on like glass. I also used Dupont Apperance clear and Spies clear and it also lays it like glass.

The harbor Freight guns I dont think you can beat for the price. I sprayed a small 2 tone kandy with one a long time ago and it came out great. ( The gun was new though)

Frisco 05-09-2006 07:31 AM


Originally Posted by gator412
Look at this thread. It has the part numbers for the 43430 gun tips. Just last month I called and ordered a 2.2 due to this post by Basscat. A 2.2 tip is what I spray 2K primer with at auto body class.

This is the info I was looking for.

Thanks to you all for the replys. Your posts are and will be very helpful to me.

Starquest, Oldred, gator412 what I do find interesting is that the 2k primer can be shot with the 1.4 tip. I will try that, but will have the larger tips on hand "just in case". As I stated, I've never done any spray painting and wan't to try it out with 2k primer. I guess I'd better stock up on plenty of sandpaper too. LOL

Frisco 05-09-2006 08:53 AM

Just for info to you all:

I went to the Harbor freight site and did a search for the part numbers listed in the post above. Came up empty.

Did a second search for Nozzle Set and came up with part # 45386 which is a 1.8mm nozzle set but it is listed for a gun with the #30224. Wrong gun.

Did another search for Nozzle Set and came up with part # 45395 which is a 2.2mm nozzle set for the #43430 gun.

Went to another site. Came back to the Harbor Freight site to order the 2.2mm nozzle set. Typed in the part # 45395 and got a message that basically said there was no such part. :confused: :confused: :confused:

I guess I'll call the Customer Service for info.

gator412 05-09-2006 09:13 AM

Cab...I think I paid about 20 bucks for the 2.2 tip. I could not find the tip on the webpage, but calling them they had it. Also just the first set of numbers is the part number.

Frisco..I shot 2K primer with a 1.7 tip at school then used a 2.2 tip. The 1.7 lays down a thin coat while the 2.2 laid down a nice thick coat. with no runs. Mind you I am new at this. After I used both sized tips at school I bought th 2.2 due to how well it covered.

Irelands child 05-16-2006 09:14 AM

'nother Idea
I just found this on an AMAZON site:

"I own a Harbor Freight 43430 spray gun that is only available with a 1.3mm nozzle. HF does not offer other nozzles for the 43430. I had heard that the HF gun was identical to the PC PSH1 gun. While I do not know if they are identical, the PC 2.2 nozzle fits the HF 43430 perfectly and allows me to spray thicker coatings that are difficult/impossible to spray with the 1.3mm nozzle that comes with the HF 43430. "

The P-C he is referencing is Porter Cable and probably more available and easier ( and EXPENSIVE :( ) than HF. But if you have a P-C gun......

I'm about to go to my local HF outlet and pick up a 43430 as they are sale priced at $39.99 today and I sure dont want to subject my new mega-buck gun to epoxy and 2K

Bee4Me 05-16-2006 11:24 AM

All I've ever seen came with 1.4 tip and the 1.3 could be ordered,which I did but don't use.

S10xGN 05-17-2006 11:16 AM

Ya made me go out in the shop and look:

1.3mm tip set = HF#45394
2.2mm tip set = HF#45395

I thought the gun came with a 1.8mm set, but others here have said it's a 1.4 and I really don't remember...


Irelands child 05-17-2006 11:53 AM

Just got a new one
Looking at my fresh new, made in China box - it says "nozzle" size (scary word) 1.4mm

The actual tip only says 10 psi (g, I guess).

I sure do wish their web site would bring up the numbers
of the 2.2 "nozzle" - usually when I talk to the HF people
I get that deafening silence or blank stare in person.

The regulator looks better than the $20 Devillbiss piece I have for my finish coat gun - but still has that 160 pound max range, 5 pounds per division markings when all you need is 23 in/ 10 out

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