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Originally Posted by oldred
Perfect example of needing to be selective when buying there, did you know that for next to nothing in extra cost they also have genuine GoodYear air hose? The black GoodYear hose is a REALLY good buy, it does not crack like that, stays flexible in cold temperatures and holds up extremely well compared to the (not much) cheaper hose! It is on sale right now in 25', 50' and 100' lengths-but it comes on sale often.

How is this for a coincidence? I too have my Lincoln Ranger 8 torn down for repainting and minor repair, at least I hope it is minor. Did you get a new decal kit and maybe a front panel kit for yours and if so where did you find them? Mine has the fairly common auto-idle failure and does not automatically go back to high engine speed when the arc is struck so I have to leave it on high idle setting when welding, the darn thing will idle up when using power tools however! Have you had that problem with yours (yet)?
Yea i have a few of the goodyear hoses now from HF,i was just using the plastic ones as an example of what not to buy from them.
One thing to watch for when using a true rubber hose like the goodyears is keep them out of the sun,especialy in the hot south like where i am,i have my compressor outside feeding just hose into the shop until i build a permanant line system into the shop.
Where the is outside regularly in the sun it dried up and cracked in no time,the sun destroys real rubber in no time.

I had a similar problem with my Ranger 8,it wouldn't kick up the RPM's at all,i too thought mine was the switch until I investigated further,found out my problem was the linkage rod had come off under the top cover of the machine,if i remember correctly it was just the little clip that holds it on had popped off and i replaced it and been doin good ever since,but you'rs does sound like the switch to me because mine wouldn't kick up at all,but your's does if you hit the switch manualy,maybe a bad connection or wire to the switch?

The only other problem i ever had with mine is the carb had clogged up from old gas from sitting,was thinking i needed to rebuild it but figured what the heck take the top of it off n look,it was dirty in the bowl so i cleaned it all out as good as possible while still on the enbgine and readjusted the float because the way it ran could tell it was not shuttin off fuel when the float bowl was full,put it back together even with the same gaskets because they didn't tear up at all and now it runs like new again,Mine has the old Onan Performer 16 engine and they just don't make them like that anymore.
I just put a can of seafoam in the tank the other day while was using it to do some mods on a car trailer for a guy and now it runs even smoother than ever.

Here is where you can get all the decals and control panel for it,I havent ordered any yet but good prices,i am thinking of gettin the control panel with the diamond plate look just to be different,i aint paintin mine back to factory red coor,i have a shelf full of different leftover auto paints from side jobs,thinking of a mettalic copper urethane i have left from a job and put the factory side side stickers on and the diamond plate look as the panel,it should look pretty sharp like that...

These guys are lincoln authorised too,so you know your gettin quality and the right ones...they have 2 different panels for the lincoln ranger 8's,make sure you get the one correct for yours...this i mine in the stock look...

Here is the diamond plate look i was talkin about,this is the other type different from mine but i called them and they said they my model in this style,just not on the site for the same price.....

Hers is the side graphics,,,these guys have all the factory stuff for a restore on them,including all the factory warning stickers too....

Hope this is what you are lookin for oldred
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