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Hard piping air lines ... help (LONG)

Okay guys, stay with me please this may not be easy. In making out my piping diagram I am running into some problems/questions.
Things you need to know;
a] part of the garage is 2 stories- both need 4 air taps. only one or 2 will be used at the same time
b] there is a long run of 62 feet that need to have air for tire pressure/ impact gun use only this is separate from the 2 story main work area- might as well pipe it in anyway.

My questions are as follows-

Since I am using a 2 stage 7 hp oil lube compressor with a total piping length of just under 200 feet I believe 1" or 1 1/4" galvi piping is what I need- Correct?

Do each of my air line take offs need to have regulators, water filters, oilers? Or do I only need one main one at the tank? or do I need one in all locations? oh I am soo confused.........

When coming off the main line with a tap is it best to come straight off into 1/4 or 3/8 with a tee- or make my run to service then reduce to use size? Runs will be about 6 feet

In the 2 story garage are the main pipe loop will be ceiling height of the lower level, service drops will be made for that area and service risers will extend up to serve the floor above........ how close can the taps be? Does it matter since usually only 1 or 2 tools could be used at the same time?
Also any good ideas on how to artfully make the risers that will go up so that they have a nice drain-able drip leg?

Sorry this is so long......... but if anybody can help it's you!
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