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Originally Posted by cobalt327
When you set the timing did you disconnect the vacuum advance first? And did you check to see what the total timing is?

On the carb, rebuilding it will only affect the choke in that it will have cleaned linkages and should be free to move. The kit will have instructions on how to bench adjust the choke, too. Final adjustment is done w/the carb on the engine.

You likely have either a "divorced" or a "hot air" choke. Divorced has a thermostat on the intake w/a link connecting to the choke arm on the carb.

Hot air uses a round black plastic choke in a housing attached to the side of the carb and will have a pipe running to it from the intake or exhaust manifold so hot air can reach the choke. The tube needs to be in place.

A carb kit costs about $20. To have a pro rebuild it can cost $100-plus. You might
find someone to do it for less, just be sure they know what's up.

Once you get back w/what kind of choke you have and what's up w/it we can go from there on setting it up to work.

This might show my newbie side but I set the timing with the vacuum attached to the distributor. I set it to 8BTDC. I truck ran much better and started well enough. I'll test it when it's cold to make sure.

When I realized I forgot to remove and plug the vacuum, I went through the process again (this time I disconnected the vacuum and plugged it). When I disconnected the vacuum line, timing went to 4 after TDC. I adjusted again to 8BTDC, turned off the motor, put everything back together. The truck went back to not starting, idling very high, etc, etc. The timing mark was off the scale. It was not as bad as before but still I couldn't tell you how far. I adjusted the timing by feel then used the timing light to see where I was at. Again, it was back to 8BTDC.

So, is this right? I appreciate any guideance or suggestions.

The choke is hot air and seems to work. It is during the initial cold start the chock valve does not close unless manually closed. When I close by hand and get the truck started, it quickly opens slightly and then when warm, opens the whole way. I wonder if the vacuum diaphragm is defective? I tried tapping the carb and using a lubricant with no success.

Thanks, I appreciate any insight.
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