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raidmagic 12-31-2004 03:48 PM

Harmonic balancer install
I tried searching this but I don't think my spelling is right.
What I need to know is how to install a harmonic balancer on a 1976 Chevy 454. My brother in law told me to put it on by hand as far as it will go then use a hammer and block of wood to put it on the rest of the way. Well that didn't work. It was still about 1/4 to 3/8's inch from being all the way on. Any other ideas for getting this on.

bracketeer 12-31-2004 03:58 PM

harmonic balancer
Yes there is a balancer installation tool you can buy or rent. If you are using a fluid damper use the tool or you will damage the damper. Sometimes the damper will get hot as you turn it in. It will stop and seem tight. After it cools down you may find you can get it on further. If you have a pulley alignment problem, the damper not in all the way will probably be the cause.

fatrat96 12-31-2004 04:05 PM

i have also installed them the last little bit by using the bolt and thick washer and a impact wrench to go that last little bit. a hammer and wood block is no good for your seals

Fordalac13 12-31-2004 04:12 PM

Balancer install
To pound on the front of the crank,Is not very good for the thrust bearing end play.
IMHO, Jerry:nono:

raidmagic 12-31-2004 04:16 PM

Dang I hope I didn't screw anything up here. I have removed it and am going to get an install tool. I guess I can rent one from Autozone. Thanks for your help guys.

RCastle 12-31-2004 07:46 PM

Rent the tool,do not beat on it or use a bolt to pull it in.The threads are fine and if you are to damage them it is a pain to retap the crank snout.The tool is worth buying actually.I bought mine from Matco for about $30.00.You should be able to get on cheaper at A-Zone.

MI2600 12-31-2004 08:37 PM

AutoZone has that "free" tool rental. They usually have just about everything, but sometimes the tools are really beaten up.

blown81 01-02-2005 09:18 AM

A trick I've used before is to heat the harmonic balancer up a bit before install. This gives some builders the 'willies', but I've never experienced problems. Put the harmonic balancer in the oven at about 160-180 degrees for about 45 minutes. Have a thin layer of greese on your crank and take the balancer strait from the oven and press it on (definitly with an install tool). Slides on slick as can be.

RCastle 01-02-2005 10:25 AM

On a fluidamper or similar type is a viscuoius fluid inside them,do not think you should heat that up. On a stock balancer there is an elastomer band between the two pieces.It will destroy itself after a few years,do not heat it up and speed up the process.That is probably the reason why the old timers cringe.The tool works great,pulls the balancer on straight and easily.Even with the Fluidamper I run on my car where the tolerances are a little tighter than an OEM replacement it went on smoothly.

fatrat96 01-02-2005 01:34 PM

i picked up a ATI damper for a blower installation. it had to be honed out to be able to fit on the crank end. it was not made to fit out of the box. had it half way on when i found out... ouch

troy-curt 01-02-2005 03:57 PM

Using a hammer would be like hammering the thrust bearings on an anvil:nono: .


raidmagic 01-02-2005 06:49 PM

NOone around here has an install tool. Do you guys know where I can buy one online. Is there anything I should look for in the way of damage now that I beat on the dumb thing?

roys63 01-02-2005 07:46 PM

Snap-on , Mac , Maco, tool distributer, you must have seen one of the trucks running around, go to any auto repair shop and ask what day they stop by.

32vicky 01-02-2005 08:16 PM



Sallee (Go to bottom of page)



Plenty of sources.

jimfulco 01-04-2005 12:02 AM

You can use a short length of all-thread & a couple of nuts with the same thread as your balancer bolt (I think BBC is 1/2" fine-thread). Double-nut the all-thread at one end & thread the other end into the crank as deep as you can get it. Remove the nuts, install the fat washer, then a regular washer or two with grease in between, then a nut (grease the threads). Tightening the nut should press the balancer the rest of the way on. You'll need to find a way to keep the engine from turning while you tighten it.

I got a 3' length of fine-threaded all-thread at a local bolt store (found in the yellow pages under bolts), & cut it to a convenient length. Most hardware stores only had it in standard-thread.

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