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Originally Posted by oldred
1/2" is plenty big enough to get someone hurt, it does not have to be 2" and I was only guessing at that size anyway because I agree that it would take a lot more volume than carried by a normal shop sized pipe to blow a hole in the ground that big. The point is that these pipes can and do rupture from any number of causes and when they do it can be catastrophic, 90 PSI in a 1/2" line is more than enough to cause serious injury. One incident I read about back in the 80's involved an eye injury when a guy bumped a PVC line with with a welding tank cart and another was when someone hit one with a fork lift. Arguing these accidents should not have happened in the first place and the lines should not have been in those locations is pointless because unless a PVC line is inside a shielding conduit (considered safe to do it that way BTW) then any number of unforeseen circumstances can occur. It's a fact that even a blow light enough to only dent copper line and not even scratch iron pipe could easily cause a situation like that ridiculous gunshot incident. The welding cart would have been an unnoticed non-incident and the forklift might have been a leak but neither would have been the injury causing accidents they were because of the PVC. Also PVC does not need a blow from a sharp (or even blunt) object to rupture and often the rupture is not at first apparent, age or deterioration from any of several common contaminants (or sunlight) can cause a PVC pipe to rupture without warning. Pointing to an old PVC setup as proof of safety is no different than pointing at a ninety year old smoker as proof that cigarettes are harmless, beating the odds is not proof something is safe.

I agree with you oldred... But isn't 90 % of the things we do everyday unsafe..Like cutting aluminum with circular saw,, It is unsafe,, But is done everyday... Riding down the road everyday is really unsafe,, Like using a cut off wheel on a grinder,, And so on.... The results from using pvc pipe is the same good and bad on anything... Am I saying to use it... NOT AT ALL !!!! But it has been done for years with good results as well as bad ones.... Kind of like driving your car.... It has to be done with commend sense..
Like anything..We do everyday...That's the only thing I can say on this..

Use what you want to.. But ''ALWAYS'' remember there can be a dangerous side to it..

There is a dangerous side to EVERYTHING...
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