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Originally Posted by inkfreak1976
i used this product and in my opioin it sucks, my job came out the same way after test panels thinking i dialed in my gun, and tech. the finish came out patchy, tiger striped, and glossy in other areas. unless you have a vast number of years painting and a sata jet, i wouldnt recomend spraying this, i ended up haveing to sand and reclear glossy this time. came out like glass.
you could try like a med solids clear to get the flat look, or i think they also have a satin style depending on the paint your useing. once i even used a med solids clear and basicly just gave it many tack coats. or dry spray. since your not wet sanding it or buffing it. even if you did with the pre mixed it would no longer be flat. the job looked really good and consistant better than the product that your asking about. do some research before spraying. its a real pain in the butt. good luck if you get it to work let me know how you got it to lay down right.
I did get it to work and lay down right but my customer prefers the slightly glossy flat look. But yeah it looks exactly like those flat black vinyl wrapped cars, it's like a painted molding, 100% no gloss.
The two secrets are that you need to shake the clear for an incredibly long time, if you're doing a whole car maybe get a friend to shake it for literally 2 minutes. Once done, it'll come out looking like lemonade, might even have a few bubbles. Now when you put it on the car, put it exactly like you would a wet clear and you will see orange peel and you will see foggy stripes. Turn the heat up really high and let it bake for an hour and you'll see that it totally changes. No more orange peel texture and absolutely no gloss and most importantly, no foggy stripes.
If you want to have the colour a little brighter like how some matt black paint jobs look grey, pull the gun back an inch or two.
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