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Originally Posted by piercetdg
You should buy a piece of 1x2 foot welding metal and try shooting that. But the most important part is shaking for 2 minutes, not 10 seconds, not 30 and not 1 minute, but 2 minutes. It shouldn't be easy to do. Then spray it like you would anything else.

I'm not sure what you mean about you fixing the stripes. What I would of done is feather out the edge of the stripe, sand everything with 1000, spray base on the stripes, reclear the entire panel.
ok im sorry i might have been a bit confusing with my last post,
what i ment to say was that, i had origanaly sprayed the flat clear on just my grapics witch is a raceing stripe, ( black with flat clear) the flat clear came out heavily tiger striped and inconsistant texture some came out nice and smooth and then some with heavy orange peel. i sprayed 4 coats to try and smooth out the clear and make consistant with no luck. the person that im painting the car for was very unhappy with the result and decidid to go with the same clear on the stripes as the rest of the car.
the car after epoxy sealer was based then cleared with 2 coats of clear then wet sanded at 600 grit, grapixs applied then i sprayed the flat clear, with terrible results. i then wet sanded the grapixs down with 600 grit. i didnt break threw so i didnt have to reapplie the base, i then sprayed the whole car with 4 heavy coats of high solids clear. waited a week then wet sanded starting at 1500 then to 2000 then to 3000 grit. with nice smooth results.
the graphixs on the edges it can be felt almost as if i had placed a decal then cleared over it, i did sand all three grits over the the edges of the grapixs but only litely,
im now at the buffing stage and im unsure how to go about buffing over the graphixs with the slightly raised edge. do i tape the edges then hand compound the edges or should i just go about buffing and hope i dont tear into the base or lift the edge. i normaly dont do much buffing on my jobs, i have a guy that does it for me. but he is on vaction and wont be back before i have to delever the car. so i have to do the buffing my self, ive buffed before but mainly on solid color cars none with grapixs and im unsure how to procede with this stage.
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