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Originally Posted by Gary 4866
My name is Gary. I have built a new 383 stroker motor that t I am very disappointed in. I thought I would have alot more torge and hospower.

This is what I have.

383 block now. all machine work done at a speed shop.lower end
have compression pistons.
Edelbrock 170cc heads 70 cc
Edlebrock 7102 roller cam 234* intake and 244* exchust 488 lift on intake and 510 lift on exchust LBA is 112*
Edlebroker proformer RPM maifold
750 Edlebrook carb
MSD ignition

don't have any low end torge, runs like hell after 3000 RPM
Running 16 initial timing hook up vacumm advance to full vacumm up to 34* all in at 2500 RPM final advance at 52* at 3000 RPM
four speed transmission (Manueal)
Cain anybody help, where did I go wrong
I want to make this a mean street machine. not racing on track. Money is no problem.

Where did the 9.5 static CR come from? To be anywhere near accurate, calculate the CR yourself using KNOWN values as asked for in a CR program such as the one from KB.

My 383 specs:

'0' piston to deck height
0.030 overbore
Speed Pro -12cc dish pistons
FelPro 0.039 compressed head gasket
TF 23* heads with 64cc chambers and 195cc runners
3.75 stroke

Using these numbers, I come up with a 10.30 static CR on my engine.

I am running a CC XE274 hydraulic flat tappet cam, Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, rebuilt stock Q-Jet rejetted etc., centrifugal timing is 35* all in by 2600 RPM, vacuum adds an additional 15* @ 9". Using manifold vacuum that is a maximum of 13".

ST10 4 speed, 3.36 RA. 3300# w/my lard *** in it.

Runs well on the street, using 89 octane, no strip time.
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