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Fastsx321 01-21-2013 07:00 PM

Headliner woes on Model A
Hey guys I seem to be struggling with preping my roof for the headliner. I have a all metal roof with just a couple metal roof bows. I plan on cutting four more from wood to attach to, I have a pattern made but have struggled to get them cut out right. I tried a jigsaw and they sucked so I am starting over with a band saw. I have dyna matted the whole car and I tried using some 1/4 inch lathe and siliconing it to the roof, I'm not sure if there is enough strength in the silicon. I have no other choices in a couple spots but to adhere to the roof panel I'm concerned that if I use something to strong it will heat and cool at a different rate than the metal and distort, anyone else did something similar out there. Thanks for the help

DanTwoLakes 01-22-2013 07:21 AM

Is this a hot rod, or are you restoring the car to original? First of all, do not adhere anything to the metal roof. The original headliner would have been attached to wooden strips that were part of the roof system. Since you don't have that any more, you need to put in replacements for those wood strips if you intend to put in an original type headliner. If you're doing a "hard" headliner, you will still need wooden bows to support a luan plywood base for the new headliner. In any case, the new wood bows should be cut from 3/4" hardwood plywood so they don't warp. It doesn't matter if your cuts aren't perfect because the headliner will hang from listings sewed to the headliner. The headliner will be about an inch below the wooden bows. Attach the bows to the metal above the doors with some of the new epoxies like some of the products from Evercoat. Is there any of the original wood left in the car?

Fastsx321 01-22-2013 11:46 AM

Thanks for the reply Dan, I building a custom streetrod and have removed all the wood. The car is the Model A in my project journal. I planned on cutting the roof bows like you said and attaching them to a plate above the doors like you said. my problem is in the back, the last foot and a half of the car there is nothing to attach to. Thats why I was looking to adhere to the roof, I do have dynamat between the wood and the sheet metal. I will try to add some pictures tonight of the inside of the car and see if you possibly have some advice. Thanks again

DanTwoLakes 01-22-2013 02:31 PM

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I just looked at your project journal. I love your car, it looks a little like a sedan delivery now, and I love that look. You're going to be O.K. with the last section being 18" wide, you just need something to attach the headliner to above the rear window. Model "A"s had panels covering the whole rear end, and that's what I'd recommend you do. You will need some kind of framework to hold those panels as well, and that can be made of wood or metal.

Here's what an original "A" looks like in the rear. The panels have seams at the edges of the rear window, and another seam at the rear edge of the rear side windows. There is a separate narrow panel just above the rear window the width of the window.

chubbie 01-31-2013 10:30 AM

if its a tudor you might be short on support... i glued/screwed wood strips to 1" square tubes in the roof, i think i have 4 in the top. i made a pattern that fit tight and transfered it to 1/4" ply (luan) you will have to split it down the middle because you cant get it in there. now glue/screw. if you got the tight fit, now your side/back pieces push tight up to the top, and helps hold the top up. before you put the side pieces on permenent, upholster the top.

Fastsx321 01-31-2013 08:16 PM

I ended up cutting the roof bows with a band saw, and screwed them from underneath the support that was left above were the windows used to be. The front bow I gorilla glued in above the door. Then I made a patern and transferred it to 1/4 inch luan plywood. I did just like you mentioned I cut it down the middle and then centered it in the car. I then cut blocks all the way around and gorilla glued it in. It is gettin closer to being ready for a real Upholster which is not me lol. Chubbie you have any pics of yours finished up? Thanks for checking out the build Journal Dan I haved checked out the pics you posted several times in the past few weeks Thanks

chubbie 02-01-2013 02:33 PM

no pictures of the finished interior, but i have shots of babe's sit'n in the old A will have to dig some up. the A is in storage an hour from here

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