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black66 07-23-2005 07:05 PM

Heads and Intake combo
I have posted about which heads I should get. But I would like some feeback on what heads and intake work best toghether. Here is my setup:

355 SBC
3200 Stall
245 duration .600 Comp roller cam
Camel Hump Heads 2.02/1.60
Torker II Intake
Might Demon 750
Headman Long tube headers
MSD Ignition

My cars runs great. I am switching to a 700R non lockup and 4.56 rear gears. So it is time to get the best heads and intake...

I knew building my motor that my heads do not flow past .500 lift. And I hear that my intake may not be the best..... But the motor was built for free. So at the time I was not complaing....

Are aluminum heads worth the cost over Iron?

How do I determine what cc runners I need for my new heads?

What would be the best cam and intake setup for my cam??

Thanks guys. Looking to purchase the heads and intake asap....


bracketeer 07-23-2005 08:32 PM

I am assuming this is a street car.....
AFR heads are the best bang for the buck.
Dart would be my second choice.
Edelbrock heads are cheaper but are only good to .575 lift.
Pistons will determine which cc head you need.
Flat tops 64cc. Raised dome 70cc and up depending on dome height.
Intake Perf/RPM or RPM/Airgap for summer driver only.

black66 07-23-2005 08:46 PM

Thanks for the reply bracketeer. Yes this is a street car. Here is how it sounds now 66 SS Impala. Now are AFR aluminum or steel? And if it is only a street car would aluminum be a waste of cash?

My pistons are KB 11.2 compression with 64cc heads. What would the compression be if I jumped to 58cc? I have access to all the race gas I need.....

What is the advantage of having angles plugs or straight plugs?


strikingthematch 07-23-2005 11:25 PM

Nice car!

AFR is alu. heads...

I agree with what brack. said

For you if your putting money into something it is my mind that you get the best you can afford (within reason)

Thinking is that if at some point this goes from street car to strip car there ya go. Your one step ahead of the game and won't kick yourself in the pants thinking "geezs I jsut put heads on 2 years ago... I saved 300 then but now it will end up costing me twice that!... "

If you can use race gas then the 64 cc heads wouldd be good for you. Mix it with a little pre. gas. The 11:1 comp will make for a really nice set up.

The rpm intake or rpm airgap for sure

ST. plugs are really all you need. Angle plugs where suppose to be for better burn in the combustion chamber but the results are moot.

Now if you just get a cam to tie those together you will have a very nice combo.


bracketeer 07-23-2005 11:33 PM

Aluminum for sure. Angle plugs require different headers and are a pain in the a**.

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