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redneckhotrods 10-11-2008 02:40 PM

Hei coil heats up no spark
Hi all,I installed a Mallory 85 Hei dist the coil heats up but there is no spark.Any ideas thanks.

ScoTFrenzel 10-11-2008 02:45 PM


Originally Posted by redneckhotrods
Hi all,I installed a Mallory 85 Hei dist the coil heats up but there is no spark.Any ideas thanks.

Pull the coil and check ohms on the circuits as per Mallory specs. IT might be shorted, etc.

redneckhotrods 10-11-2008 03:33 PM

Ok,put another coil in it and it instantly heated up to the point you could not touch it.

Jmark 10-11-2008 03:40 PM

Then I'd say you have power to one side of the coil and the other side is grounded, ain't gonna work that way! LOL

Are you plugging in the correct wires onto the correct terminals? Sounds like you've got something backwards.

redneckhotrods 10-11-2008 03:58 PM

I have blk to blk red to red and yellow to yellow, Power source is hooked to the red.

Jmark 10-11-2008 05:30 PM

Hmm, the Mallory is a stock replacement HEI. There is a wiring harness that comes out of the base of the dist. and plugs into the cap. That plug has, I believe, Red, Black and Brown. NO other wires should be attached to those 3 wires. There should be another wire coming from the ignition switch that plugs into the "+" spade on the cap. The "-" spade is for a tach hookup.

T-bucket23 10-11-2008 06:36 PM

Do you have the power wire connected to the TACH terminal by any chance.

vsmidge68 10-11-2008 06:53 PM

Check Ground Strap In Cap For The Coil.. Poor Ground Coil Run Hot Fast...

redneckhotrods 10-11-2008 09:36 PM

The wires are in right,I'll check the ground

redneckhotrods 10-11-2008 10:11 PM

If the coil is connected to the distributor there is no power to the coil wire.Now I hooked the coil up to the battery not the distributor and there is power to the coil wire. Would that indicate a bad ground in the dist?

redneckhotrods 10-12-2008 08:36 AM

I had the module tested at Autozone,and that was the problem. It works now :D

lg1969 10-12-2008 06:14 PM

Just make sure you added silicone thermal grease under the module. It makes it easy to transfer the heat the module produces. The modules in a HEI are known to short because of heat.

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