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haaslyd 12-09-2003 12:57 PM

HEI distributor
I have recently bought a HEI GM Racing distributor. It doesn't have a mechanical advance. I want to by an ignition system for it so i can advance the timing during different applications. I am leaning towards MSD ignition and I don't know what the best item to bye is. Is a distributor considered points ignition. How do ignition boxes work and how do they add power. If you know alot about ignition system for early model 350's work, try to explain it to me as if i were a little kid please.:(

HOTZY57CHEVY 12-09-2003 01:42 PM

a stock 350 distributor is the best for a old truck, you can retard or advance the timing a few degrees, if you what more spark put in a higher voltage coil, then index your spark plugs, its the way to go for a old stock 350

NorthStar 12-09-2003 08:36 PM

Theres two types of ignition systems points and electronic basically.

Points will be able to handle less current and voltage than electronic system so their coils are less powerful (smaller spark energy).
Points are opened and closed mechanically so they wear and have to be readjusted periodically.
Points wear from handling the electricity too.
Points have a rpm limit, at a certain rpm they cant close fast enough before the next cylinder cycle starts thats called point bounce. Its like a built in rev limiter.
Dual points can produce more spark energy than single point distributor by energizing the coil longer.
Points with stronger spring can rev to a higher rpm but they wear faster too.

Electronic ignition uses a pickup coil inside distributor that handles a tiny amount of current that in turn triggers the "ignition box" which handles the current for the coil.
The ignition box can handle more current so electronic ignition have coils that draw more current and work at full 12 volts(more powerful spark energy).
Electronic ignition has no mechanical parts touching so they dont need to be constantly readjusted from wear.
No mechanical parts mean no point bounce so they can rev higher before module cant control the individual sparks.

Points system is pretty much inferoir in every way.
Racing distributors have adjustable weights and springs in them so different advance curves can be taylored to an engine.
Computer controlled engines have electronic ignition too but only use the triggering part when the spark happens is controlled by the computer.

68NovaSS 12-16-2003 11:44 AM

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Haaslyd, if you're looking for a nice setup I have a brand new one, a Mallory Comp 9000, coil, wires, resister, I bought for my blown SBC that won't fit behind my blower, on eBay, item #2448890052, all new stuff. If this doesn't make a link, you can copy the url below and paste it into your browser address window.

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