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wally 05-17-2004 03:04 PM

HEI Distributor
Was wonderiing if there is anyone rebuilding or repairing the HEIs. New ones are not to bad about $150 US but can't help thinking I could save at least half on a rebuilt.

poncho62 05-17-2004 03:09 PM

Why do you think that it needs rebuilding? Other than the shaft bearings, and they rarely do, there is not much to wear out.

wally 05-17-2004 05:33 PM

Seems the car has been sitting and don't want to run. I got the carb checked out OK and the dist seems to have no effect when rotated in either direction you know how they will cause a cranking load if advanced too far..this guy just sits there and let the enging spin and spin...occasionally if I put in starter fluid it fires but won't keep going. I took off a spartk plug wire and found it does spark but not regularily. It just dont' want to run. I did notice the voltage falls below 8 volts during crank maybe the coil is weak or bad..but seems it would be easier to replace the whole unit as I did get it used. But last fall before winter it ran like a champ perfectly just seems to have gotten lazy over the winter. Iwas thinking of putting an independent battery charger onto the battery connection of the dist. and useing the on board battery to crank it probably try that tomorrow.

poncho62 05-17-2004 07:25 PM

If it will start for a second on starter fluid, it's a fuel problem.................Is gas getting to the carb?

wally 05-18-2004 03:36 AM

Its not fuel. I even tore the carb down to see if the float was stuck...went to NAPA paid big bucks for copper float. It really acts like its not getting compression just spins through. I found that the battery terminal on the dist was not getting voltage in the ign on position and then I hard wired it from the ign switch by passing the fuse panel. it gets 12 volts in the ing on position and seems to go down in crank to about 8 volts, I wonder how low it can go and have the HEI still function. The dist will not effect the engine turning over no matter how much advance or retard I try to crank in. I am wondering if before If I might have ran it 180 out since its a new rig but every time I put my thumb on number one and crank through it comes up on compression with the dist pointing to number one. If it had not run fine before I would suspect timing sequence is out but it did run fine last fall ....Even with starting fluid it don't sputter it just like fires once and then acts as if you turned off the ign....when you release the switch from the start maybe the ign run position is really 'off' but it has 12 volts at the dist terminal. I am guessing its timing sequence just maybe I have it set up 180 degrees out of time but then again how is number one coming up okay with compression and the dist pointing at it without fireing and why did it run fine before? On Sunday it started for a little while but then died and I have not gotten it to run since.

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