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Oddball 11-16-2003 07:03 AM

Hello, I'm a Newbie
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Hello I'm an 18-year-old car freak... more or less new age stuff but Iím in the fixings of learning about the past. My dad practically insists that I do so.
I've joined this site in hopes to learn and expand my knowledge of car concepts.... Iím basically pretty dumb when it comes to cars and I wouldn't consider myself a hotrod builder, but I would love to become one, and therefore feel this is a great start.

As for cars:
I've owned and helped build a fairly nice 1985 Monte Carlo SS, with the kind assist of my father. But through this experience I grew the inspiration to continue down the path of knowledge for car building. I only one day hope that I can totally build my own hotrod.
I am currently working on a totally offset project, that I don't even know why I'm attempting without the proper knowledge. Lol anyhow I am working on a 1988 Ford Escort Station Wagon.... As weird as that may sound I am only doing it out of love. In further depth, the car was a gift from my beloved grandmother and was set to be given to me out of her will. Ever since attaining the car I felt the want/need to turn something terribly ugly into something totally cool, just out of respect for my grandmothers gift. And this is where I hope this site may take me.

Thanks for your time, and I am glad to be apart of this great site.

38 special 11-16-2003 11:43 AM

Nice Monte,:thumbup:

tm454 11-16-2003 01:10 PM

Your dad does nice work..... What did you help him do on the Monte?


Rat Rods Rule!

Moby302 11-16-2003 02:23 PM

1988 Ford Escort s/w, I'd like to see a pic of that, I have a 81 escort, amongst others :D

Oddball 11-17-2003 01:21 AM

Pretty much he walked me through an engine rebuild. I had no clue as to how engines worked and I really wanted a "clean" car. So my dad guided me through everything but made me do all the work lol. Wasn't as fun as I thought but it was defiantly worth it.

Everything else, exterior and interior was done by me. Besides the paint job which was done by Eight Mile Collusion.

I sold the car due to very rusty floor boards and no place to store was a fun experience though as was worth the effort.

OddRodder 11-17-2003 02:05 AM

Hey Kid! It's nice to meet another Odd person from time to time!:thumbup: Not sure I would have sold the Monte though, welding in new floor pans isn't that big a deal! Now, lets talk about how were going to get a 455 and Tornado front drive unit shoe horned into this Escort wagon!!!!!!!:evil: :evil: :evil:

Dragon J 11-17-2003 07:31 AM

They tell me my Henry J is odd but I just don't get it...!!! Good Luck and it's great to have a PURPOSE in creating a vehicle. Be as original as you can and have some fun!!! Search around for unique ideas, but above all MAKE IT YOUR OWN!!!

Oddball 11-17-2003 09:14 AM

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Hey thats a nice Granny Rambler there Odd Rodder. I only hope If I'm patient enough I can build something fairly similar, then we can make a Granny Clan lol.

As for the Monte ...rusty floor boards weren't my only concern. Money is an ever inspiring thing and for the right price pretty much anyone can be bought. In what I mean by this is that I bought the car 3 years ago for 2k and sold it 3 years later for nearly 6k having invested about 2k. I thought that was great with college coming around now. The car also had body filler on it though, Not from my but from the past owner. I noticed it but never really payed attention to it till I realized it could be exposed and turn my "hotrod" into a cancerous beater.
Also I really stink at body work, everything I think I fix comes right back, and that Monte paint job was really hard to match.

I'm really going to have to learn how to do better body work though. My grandma's car "cancer on wheels" is really going to need it lol. As for that motor idea that would be awesome....only if ford wouldn't have totally cheaped out on motor mounts and there placements, One of the motor mounts is practically located on the passenger's side fender with a rubber grommet and locater pin holding it steady. I'm no car genius but something tells me this car was one of a kind..."cheap". Its not going to be any sort of a picnic with my cruddy fabricating skills either lol.

Moby I really haven't done much to my car so far but heres an fairly old picture of it. From that picture I added front and rear ground effects a fiber glassed on hood scoop and tinted windows. Since then I've added some custom made clear corner turn signals, black wind shield wipers lol ...i have the all American ones on in that picture, and some really ghetto rims that my parents bought me for a high school graduation gift, and I didn't want to make them feel bad so I put them on. Not much actual work involved in these mods and i'm almost ashame to list them lol, but I'm ready to start cracking down on it further with high school just ending.

Rubberman2003 11-18-2003 10:03 PM

Welcome, that was a sweet Monte BTW.:thumbup:

OddRodder 11-22-2003 02:55 AM

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Oddball
[B]Hey thats a nice Granny Rambler there Odd Rodder. I only hope If I'm patient enough I can build something fairly similar, then we can make a Granny Clan lol.

Hey kid! It looks like you are already developing some skills by workin' on the escort! Thanks for the complement! Hang around here awhile. I think you might be a keeper!

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