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Originally Posted by F-BIRD'88
Pull out the PCV and have a look. You may be feeding it 93 but of it needs 97..... You don;t always here the detonation, especially at high rpm. Smoke or steam out the exhaust could be head gasket trouble. Also a indication of detonation from excessive compression ratio/lack of fuel octane. There is not free lunch. Water injection does a good job of eliminating detonation on high compression motors that really need more octane that whats at the pump.

I'd do a compression test and a leak down test to see how the ring seal is.
How long should I have to remove the pvc for the smoking to stop? Will it be immediate or will it take some time. The problem that I'm running into is I'm very new at all this stuff and actually about to start attempting to do all....ehh most of the work on my car myself... I'm tired of paying someone to do something that with the right tools I could probably do myself, tired of being on someone elses schedule when I'm paying...and last but not least paying for labor that could be going towards buying better parts...So I have no idea how I'd proform a compression leak down test or any of that stuff, is there a more kinder, gentler way to check it?
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