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Help With Alot On My Truck Build

Im going to give a brief story first. Im not building an older auto. Shes a 2000 Toyota Tundra. This however is where I am having some issues. This is the first time that I have ever heavily built onto an auto WITHOUT coilovers in the rear. Its a 3 leaf and 1 strut on each side system. This is also the first time I have built onto a RWD auto. I have always built up FWD autos with 4s and 6s. Kind of a product of age and friendships. I also have a slight problem with learning simple things. The setup shouldnt be this hard and I have researched and researched but I am still lost as to exactly what needs to be done to pull one of two options off. Here is my predicament. As I said its a 3 leaf 1 strut setup on each side. I want to try to avoid a c notch. I want to lower as much as I am able to. I havent decided if I want to stick with the leafs or convert to coilovers. I bought a flip kit but I am concerned putting it on due to driveshaft issues. If you would please explain in details on how to pull a drop with leafs without a c notch or shorter shaft and different pinions/gearing. Also the same with a coilover setup. If I were to go to coilover I want to stay away from an outer link to frame setup. I was thinking of running 4 coils on axles mounted at angles to frame or support attached to frame with two on one side and two on the other then having 4 linkage supports bars to run from axle to frame or support on frame. Any surprise issues with this route? I mainly want to stay away from having to swap out drivetrain parts. Not to that yet and I want to get a sturdy suspension system setup first even though they kind of go hand in hand in the rear but yeah. Any advice opinions anything at all is welcomed thank you.
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